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Well, my daughters cat died last night. He has bitten me

Customer Question

Well, my daughters cat died last night. He has bitten me playing many times, and I have a rash on my arm and breatk out in sores and they are red. The last time was last week around Wed. or the previous weekend. She ate good yesterday and drank lots of water. Should I take the cat somewhere to be tested. I plan to call my doctor this morning and get in to have my arms checked. what should I do. The cat did not have its shots.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. The Veterinarian will know if my will be able to digest that. How old is my?
Customer: I am in stage 3 COPD and have a low immune system among other things, upper right lobe removed 2007 and I am worried about these scratches.
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about my?
Customer: I guess I need to know if I am in any danger
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Tamra Hunt replied 1 year ago.

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter's cat. And especially sorry for these circumstances of causing bites or wounds before her death. I am in Texas. However, most states require that any animal that broke the skin of a human within 10 days of passing away be tested for Rabies. That is especially important since she has not her vaccines. Again, I'm not sure how it works in your state, but you should call a veterinarian near you and see what they recommend. It can be difficult to find the right number or resource, but you can also call the State Health Department and see what they recommend. But in Texas, a veterinarian is required by law to submit any pet that broke the skin of a human by BITING, for rabies testing. For your treatment, you should call your physician and get their recommendations.

Again, I am so sorry for you loss,

Tamie Hunt, DVM

Expert:  Tamra Hunt replied 1 year ago.

Sorry, one clarification. If the animal broke the skin by biting within 10 days of passing away, the law requires the pet be submitted for rabies testing.