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Dr. Amanda
Dr. Amanda, Cat Veterinarian
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I have a cat diagnosed with borderline megacolon. Currently

Customer Question

I have a cat diagnosed with borderline megacolon. Currently receiving Miralax daily BID on dry food. Periodically needs a booster to stimulate bowel activity. Had been using the Regulin liquid that the vet had prescribed and was left over from the first and only visit required for the issue last October. Its a weekend and I need something over the counter or food based to give him to make him more comfortable....Still wants to eat like a horse, but only pooped 3 times since Monday. He is 7 in people years.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 1 year ago.


My name is***** and I am sorry to hear that Mr. Lyons is having difficulty defecating. The only safe over the counter medication for stool softening in cats is Miralax. The human enemas and laxatives are very toxic to cats.

Here are some other things you can try, though, to encourage him to defecate-

-offer canned food. The added moisture and the change in food can often stimulate movement of the bowels.

-encourage more water drinking to improve his hydration. Dehydration is a major culprit in kitties getting blocked up.

-take his temperature rectally. You can "over lubricate" the thermometer before inserting it in the rectum and this can help make the area a bit more slippery. Once the thermometer is in the rectum, move it around gently to stimulate the rectum to feel like there is poop right there and encourage the colon to push the feces out. (This trick is commonly used in human infants who have difficulty moving their bowels).

Does this help? Do you have any other questions?

Dr. Amanda