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For Terri - the other page was having a problem, so we had to create a new pageMy cat just turned a year old August 4th this year pure bread Russian Blue. His jumping and running and chasing his sissy out of control. He now has a bruise on his inside upper ear and eye wound found this morning. Where I assume he ran into something and hurt his eye. Its watering and has a small nic. This is out of control. He jumps to places he can't reach misses but tries and tries again. We put him in upstairs bedroom. Where he finds higher places. And called and hurts himself. Hr rams the door over and over again. We our losing him little by little put purple collar on him and Sissy not working. Gets so aggressive with her st times doesn't here no. I have to pull him off her. But at other times sweet. But onve a day trying to killer her.
He also had been diagnosed with the feed line gum disease which is very rare and at his age where his body is rejecting his teeth the recommended pulling the top 8 teeth already our biggest concern is he just turned a year old we've done two rounds of antibiotics his gums on the bottom look better but we've had three opinions at the same vet office with different doctors they all agree the top eight must come out we are very concerned that then the bottom it must come out and then he will lose his entire Front Teeth because he's so young this is only happened once or twice here in the Colorado State area of the cat his age then his mouth we become very deformed and you will have a hard time eating with no teeth at all we know that was at least Front Teeth that it will be ok we don't know if this is affecting his behavior or not he also has a bad back already from all the crazy stuff he's done the dr. Put him on a low dose till pain medication two rounds of it to help him make it through because he was very sensitive to the little needle test that was given to him he just will not seem to stop he is Relentless and jumping on super high places that he can't get down off of he started this about 4 months ago jumping on top of the shower which is very thin falling in doing it again over and over and over even though he continue to hurt himself then it was on top of a bookshelf with you could not possibly reach it was built in which is about 12 feet tall one right after another and he would fall hurting self do it over and over again then on the dresser drawer when she's Ten Feet Tall we have no idea how he got up there then the other thing was our kitchen cabinets we have no idea how he got up there either and he would get stuck he would jump up there and I just pull himself up now he doesn't have the front claws they weren't cut off at the front Knuckles so he has all his front Knuckles they just dug out the claws the reason they did this is because the other kitty cat we have has no Claws and he was destroying her over and over again causing her great pain and bodily harm he would be nice to her at the beginning with her and miss her and then it got to the point he became very very aggressive with her and biting her as hard as he could we have tried all the preventive measures to get him from biting her the no no no on the nose the water gun the putting-out him upstairs in his bedroom to tell him that this was a bad idea he forgets like he's had a brain injury on his head I'm a wit's end
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't want to lose my baby boy have never witnessed the cat out of this kind of control. My other Russian blue has hyperesthesia she used to run around and run into walls and plus have the wiggly skin the baby boy has a little bit of Wiggly skin but not like my little girl did she would run into walls at least a year and a half but she also had a nerve impingement because she could not land on all fours and she would miss and land on her back she was created for four months when she was a kitten and had a spinal tap to figure out her issue and is on gabapentin for the rest of her life did manage her pain this little dude is totally out of control is a huge bruise on the top of his ear and now he has a little Nick underneath his eye this making his eye continually water he has a voracious appetite he eats what food is much as he can and he eats dry food like it's going out of style he poops constantly I've never seen a cat poop this much in my life can you please help me and tell me what's going on with my kitty cat I know that there's something desperately wrong with him is it the teeth isn't the gum disease that's driving him slowly mad and messing up his brain and his head causing him to run around as fast as he can around the house and this just started about 5 months ago and it has gotten worse and worse and worse the jumping has gotten worse and worse and worse worry literally bangs his head in his whole body against the bedroom doors to get out he knocks over huge towers of toys he jumps on the dressers he jumps on the door hinges on the top of the door he just some places he cannot possibly get down I have to go get him and then if you try to get done he falls face first is this related to the teeth issue that we're having and the gum rejection that were having through his body is this causing this for him to run around like a rabid animal or is there something else is causing us if we have his teeth pulled will this help him calm down is that of infection going into his head and making him do these things he's usually sweet and kind with a city in the very beginning of the morning and by the end of the day it's like she is the enemy and he wants to kill her literally kill her if she is pray I could spray water on him I could scream at him I could separate him from her by the Scruff of his neck and it still would not stop him from doing what he is doing now to see his watery eyes his neck design and bruising inside of you I am at a total loss at what to do I cannot lose my baby boy I have spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars already on him and I've already spent $9,000 on my other other cat I am at my wit's end or worry and stress is beyond belief do you have any suggestions it's just the gum disease is going to his brain and causing him to do this or is this something else that is going on can you please please please help me I don't know what to do my name is machelle ********** my phone number ***********9 My email is
Please helpr save my Ali
Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Hi Machelle,

I am working on detailed answer for you and will post it as soon as it is completed.


Expert:  Terri replied 1 year ago.

Dear Machelle,

If Ali has stomatitis he is in a lot of pain. Of course, it can be affecting his personality and demeanor. We usually remove all the teeth from these patients because dental abscesses lead to oral legions. he is better off without the teeth because once the bacteria from decaying teeth gets into he bloodstream it can affect all the cats organs and cause kidney or liver failure as well as cardiac issues. Cats that have Stomatitis, which is a severe inflammation of the mouth have a lot of pain and often stop eating. That is a different condition than normal gingivitis which is treatable by dental scaling. However, Stomatitis is NOT treatable so annual cleanings are a waste of time and money because the oral bacteria enters the stomach and makes the cat extremely ill. Antibiotics and steroids are often used.We usually recommend removal of all teeth for best results. Then the cat lives a normal healthy life eating soft food.he does not even miss the teeth. It is possible once his pain is gone Ali will not be so high strung all the time. The bruises you mention will heal but the removal of the painful teeth will insure they do not recur. We could also try some calming medication like prozac to settle him down. I can also tell how to stop him from attacking his sister when speak on the phone. Please send me a premium services request if you want me to call. OR if you prefer I will post it here. Please let me know how he is doing . Please be so kind as to rate my answer with positive feedback; that is the only way I receive credit for my assistance. Thank you very much! Providing a positive rating will not end our conversation, should you need me for any follow-up. Simply click 'Reply' for clarification or additional information, if needed, at no additional charge.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Terri replied 12 months ago.
Hi Machelle,

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?