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Adult cat not eating or using litter box. What do we do?

Customer Question

My adult female cat quit eating and using the litter box for about almost a week now. Took her to the vet hospital. They said temperature was normal, felt her stomach and said she might just have a bug or something and gave us antibiotics to give her 1 twice a day. We have been trying to feed her a variety of different foods. She will still not eat. She might nibble at something but that’s it. She has not been going to her litter box to go either way except maybe urinate once or if we are lucky twice a day.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 11 months ago.
Thank you for your patience. Your girl's symptoms are definitely a concern, but good on you for following up with your vet so promptly. Given she is still off food and hardly urinating, you will definitely need to get her back to your vet first thing tomorrow. Hopefully she is drinking plenty of water? If not - that may help to explain why she has been urinating less. The fact she hasn't eaten properly in around a week is also a real cause for concern. If cat's are off food for more than 2 - 3 days, then they become a high risk for developing 'hepatic lipidosis' which can quickly become life threatening. There are a few things we have to consider here including anything from a urinary stone, renal disease, an endocrine problem, or even a very bad UTI (infection). Whatever the case, your vet team will need to do a further workup on your girl now. For this I would recommend full feline bloods to check internal organ function, blood cell parameters and electrolytes, a full urinalysis, a urine culture and an abdominal ultrasound or xray to check her urinary tract for stones. They will also need to place a feeding tube and keep your girl in for a few days to get her nourished again. They could also try appetite stimulants as well to see if they can convince her to eat again that way.
In the meantime, continue to try and coax her to eat overnight, and make sure she has plenty of water available. If she isn't drinking well, then you can try her with a freshly cooked chicken broth. If she is particularly lethargic now, then I would definitely encourage you to get her seen by your local afterhours vet today if you can.