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Kelly Hill
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My cat Sparkle has CKD. Was diagnosed Nov. of 2015. She had

Customer Question

my cat Sparkle has CKD. Was diagnosed Nov. of 2015. She had a subcontaneous ureteral bypass device placed and has had to go to the vet for 3 month check-ups since then (bloodwork, port flush, urinalysis, etc.). This past Mon. was one of her check-ups. Prior to the vet appt. she was acting fine, energetic, eating, drinking, etc.Sparkle is a really difficult cat at the vet. So they have to sedate her to examine her. But she doesn't respond to sedation well. It seems to have the opposite effect when we bring her home (most cats would be sleepy, but she is usually bouncing off the walls). So on Mon. they sedated her and took her ultraosound for the flush and to check the device. They were only able to see "bubbles" they called it on the right side which means that the right side of the device was flowing well. The left side, however, they couldn't see but they thought it might have been because of the sedation. She was wiggling around. They had me waiting in a room for 2 hours and then came in to tell me they can't examine her anymore she is too wiggly. They asked if I would rather them sedate her again that day or wait until tomorrow to examine her. I told them to get it all done that day seeing as I had work and the vet is over an hour away. I got a call later the day saying they didn't have time to fit her in and that she would have to come back tomorrow.I took her home where she just wasn't acting herself, which she usually isn't after sedation. But this time she was really tired and she has been since Monday (3 days). She ate on Monday a lot but since then not much. In fact, today she has barely eaten anything. She is urinating more (volume wise) which I know is a symptom of kidney disease.The other thing that happened while she was sedated was that she fell off of something and landed funny. I think she may have hurt her front leg. She refuses to climb up stairs but will go down them. Again this is unlike her. She sits still a lot- not like her. Walks a bit and sits.On Tuesday, I made the decision not to bring her back to the vet to sedate her yet again because she was still completely out of it. She has an appointment next week for blood work and to check the left side of the device but I am very worried about her now.She is barely eating, barely moving. urinating more, just not acting like her normal self. She also just had really loose stool- like almost like diareah. Prior to taking her to the vet, she was compeltely fine!!! Energetic and happy. But now it's like she is a different cat. I don't know what happened.I know I should probably get her checked out and she does have an appt. next week but I also feel like the vet may have brought this all about. Any suggestions??
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 11 months ago.

Hi, this is Dr. Hill. The best thing you can do is call the veterinary hospital, let them know how she has been acting and they should fit her in right away. The fact that she has gotten worse is very concerning. Have her rechecked at either your vets or take her to a local emergency clinic for a fresh perspective and ask your vet office to fax her records to er clinic. Im sorry Sparkle is not doing well. Feel free to ask additional questions.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
The only thing is that they will have to sedate her again and I don't know if the sedation could be the cause of all of this.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 11 months ago.

I understand your concerns. However, they need to know that Sparkle is not doing well. There are also a wide variety of sedation medications that can be used. They may recommend a different protocol. Some specialists are even now recommending that owners give a medication by mouth an hour or two prior to coming in. The point is that Sparkle needs help and your local veterinarian will problem solve with you to find out what works best for her. Express your concerns about the latest sedation. They will listen and if they don't then you need a veterinarian who will.

Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 10 months ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about Sparkle. How is everything going?

Kelly Hill