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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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I have taken in a cat i found starving and dying from what

Customer Question

I have taken in a cat i found starving and dying from what seemed a dog attack and malnutrition. Her wounds have healed after several months and she is stll sensitive to being picked up but can now jump up so i believe the tissue musle has been rehabilitated as much as it could. Judging from her body frame she is a mature cat and has either been lost or left behind before or after her accident for a while. From her behaviors and body size she cant have been wild all her life, but seems to lack basic cat behaviour like using a sand box or washing herself. She has also taken to peeing and pooing in the house after 2 months ofnot doing it at first. Admittingly after she was accidentally locked in one day. She doesn't seem to respond to things cats normally would. Cat nip, mise in the house and dry sardines or birds in the garden doesnt seem to interest her in the least. She seemed very happy and relaxed inside the house at first. Getting confident and even playful cheecky in getting on the bed and waking us when she wanted attention. How ever since she has started messing in the house on a nigthly basis i have had no choice to lock her out. I can see she has accepted it but she is no longer a happy relaxed cat. All she does is sleep on her chair eat and go for a toilet walk. She always slept a lot, thought its due to her age. I really cant afford a vet. I have always accepted she might be dying and never intended to take her in but we had to move due to development and i knew she wouldnt survive so i brought her with. Is their any way i can manage her eating habits which would enable her to sleep inside with minimising chances of messing inside until i can figure out a way to get her medically assesed?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Terri replied 11 months ago.

Hi Jo,

Bless you for saving her!

About how old is she?

Do you have other pets in the house?

You say she did use the box initially, did she stop after she got locked out?

Is the box covered or open?

Is her stool normal, hard or loose?

Is she spayed?