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Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  Emergency Veterinarian at Carolina Veterinary Specialists
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I'm the co-owner of three adorable cats. The first is my cat

Customer Question

Hi there,
My name is ***** ***** I'm the co-owner of three adorable cats. The first is my cat Manu (female, fixed, 5 years old), then Apollo (male, fixed, 6 years old) and his litter mate Caprica (female, fixed, 6 years old). Manu has lived as a only cat with me for almost 2 years with myself and my roommate until four months ago when my boyfriend moved in with his cats which he has owned since they were kittens. She was not impressed in the slightest that they were in her territory as she has never liked other cats or animals from what I can tell. She is a very affectionate cat and loves to be pet and loves to play but her new companions has brought out a very different side to her. I have researched everything I could find on making this a smooth transition for them (keeping new cats in a separate room, scent swapping, room swapping, having them eat and play around the door) which has been helping Manu a decent amount but she is still not impressed with their immediate physical presence. She has no problem with their scent and can event stare at them for a while and not bat an eyelash but as soon as I let them interact together she will start hissing and growling. Sometimes she can stand it for a few minutes but usually she'll get scared and jump at them when either Apollo or Caprica try to sniff at her and get close. Apollo and Caprica are getting scared of Manu and unfortunately that stress has cause Apollo to develop stones in his bladder, which cost a lot more than we can afford to if this keeps going on the way it does. Right now the setup we have going on is dividing the apartment into 2 sections: the living room and kitchen belong to Manu, and the 2 bedrooms and bathroom belong to Apollo and Caprica. There is a door between them and an open space that we have put a clear window in so we can get some visual interaction without fear of physical reaction. Unfortunately the visual interaction isn't beneficial since Apollo will get scared when seeing her at times but we are trying to get them to play and eat around each other so they will become more familiar. Is there any advice that you can provide me? I'm at my wits end here and I'm starting to give up hope that Manu will ever be able to interact positively with other cats. I love her dearly and would prefer not to give her up as living in a divided home is not something that I want long term nor would I put Apollo through any more torment and risk his health.
P.S. I have also bought Ceva Feliway diffusers and collars to help with co-exisiting and stress which has helped but has not solved the issue.
Thanks so much for listening,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-2ggpt01r- replied 1 year ago.

Hi Amanda, This certainly sounds like a tough situation! I would try an anti-anxiety medication with Manu for 30 days to see if that helps. I have had good results with amitryptilline before, which you can get through your family veterinarian. Other medications that may help would be alprazolam or acepromazine. You have certainly tried everything else I would have recommended without resorting to a dry trial, but I think trying medications for 30 days may be worthwhile for all involved parties at this point. Hope that helps and good luck! - Dr. C

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay, do you know on average how much that would cost? Just for the medication.
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-2ggpt01r- replied 1 year ago.

Oh, they are all very inexpensive. I'd say less than $30 for a month supply.

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