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I have a 16 year old female kitty who has CKD and her levels

Customer Question

I have a 16 year old female kitty who has CKD and her levels had creatinine was staying at 2.4 and was on sub q fluids about every other day, then last week it came up to 2.7 so they kept her overnight and gave her the iv fluids to flush out her kidneys. The next day they came up to 3.4 so they kept her another night and then the next day it only came down to 3.2. They let her come home last Friday and said for me to bring her back Monday for sub q fluids and said she was just getting worse because in the past the sub q fluids would drop it down really fast but not this time. I then took her back this past Wednesday and they re checked her creatinine and they said it wouldn't even read. I was devastated and confused as how it went from 3.2 to non readable in 5 days. The vet didn't have much hope but kept her there and did a CBC and a urine culture and ultrasound and x-ray. They put her on iv baytril and then the next day they called and said it had come down to 2.7. They kept her another night in hopes to get it back to the 2.4 and it dropped to 2.5 so they let her come home. I asked the vet if she was going to send home antibiotics for her and she said yes. She previously had been on Zenequin for the infection but it obviously wasn't responding to that. When I went to look at the antibiotic later last night I noticed they had sent home Zenequin, not Baytril. I called this morning and asked why they did that being the Baytril worked and the Zenequin didn't. She went and asked the vet and said it was because they didn't have the Zenequin in injectible form to give her and that's why they gave her Baytril. Then she said Zenequin was the better of the two. This makes no sense to me, the explanation doesn't. Can u help me understand why? So confused.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  PitRottMommy replied 1 year ago.

Hi, JACustomer. Thanks for your question.

Can you elaborate for me on how long she was on Zeniquin? Was this something done earlier in treatment? It sounds like, from the information above, the Zeniquin was only used for a day or two before she was discharged with the zeniquin. Is this the case or was she on it before?

Was a dilution run to obtain a value for the creatinine that 'wouldn't read'?

Expert:  PitRottMommy replied 1 year ago.