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Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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My sweet Murphy has been sneezing past week. Is he allergic

Customer Question

My sweet Murphy has been sneezing for the past week. Is he allergic just like me?? I'm only allergic to pollen and dust. I'm wondering if he is?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Welton replied 1 year ago.
Hello,Given the time of year, it is certainly possible that your cat may be suffering from seasonal sinus inflammation due to upper respiratory allergic sensitivities. It would be advisable to treat Murphy Brown symptomatically in order to prevent a sinus infection. There is an over the counter human grade antihistamine called chlorphenirinine that is both safe and effective for use in cats. It comes under the brand name of Chlor Tabs or Chlortrimentin and can be purchased at any pharmacy in the allergy section.The medication comes in 4 mg tablets. I will generally start with 1/2 tab two times daily (once every hours) and bump it up to a full tab twice daily if you are not seeing relief in 2-3 days.From a holistic perspective, you may help to reduce allergic sensitivity you Murphy by supplementing his diet with pharmaceutical grade omega-3-fatty acid rich fish oils. My preference is a product called Nordic Naturals. You can purchase this online.Best regards ***** ***** of luck to you and Murphy! Thank you for choosing JustAnswer!Dr. Roger
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ty so much Dr Roger. I guess I picked out the right cat after all. We BOTH have the same I will get right on it. Ty again.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Oh Dr Roger sorry but how do I get it down?
Expert:  Dr. Welton replied 1 year ago.
Hello. The pills are small, so you could just pill the kitty twice a day....there are many You Tube videos you can watch for technique, just search "how to pill a cat." You can also get gummy medicating treats called Pill pockets that come in both feline and canine treats for ease of medicating. You can purchase these online or at large pet stores.Best lf luck!Dr. R

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