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Dr. Joey
Dr. Joey, Board Certified
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  15 yrs in practice, specialist canine/feline medicine
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In November we found a sweet little stray. She was covered

Customer Question

In November we found a sweet little stray. She was covered in scabby sores. We have been taking her to the vet since then. She was given prednisolone and doxycycline. She improved a little, but then the improvement seemed to stop. The vet started her on fluconazole after a biopsy this past Wednesday. Since then, her scabs have started to fall off. Her skin underneath looks like a bloody mess, but smooth. She smells very bad but the vet said no bath until her staples come off next Wednesday. I have been gently patting her with baby wipes. My question is this; is my baby in pain, and is what's happening part of the healing process?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Joey replied 1 year ago.

Hello I am Dr. Joey. Thanks for trusting me to help you and your pet today. I am a licensed veterinarian with over 16 years of experience. I look forward to working with you.

I am so sorry your dog is experiencing this. Sounds like your veterinarian is doing the right step, which is to biopsy this. We need to determine if this is due to an immune-mediated disease such as pemphigus or an atypical infection (Nocardia, Sporotrichosis, mycoplasma, etc). Cultures for atypical infections is also indicated, and hopefully was submitted at the time of biopsy.

To your question, this does not sound like it is actually healing. Unfortunately dermatopathology biopsies take a long time to return, as far as biopsy answers. And, this does need to be read by not just a regular pathologist, but a dermatopathologist. I am very concerned about the odor. She should be on an antibiotic of some variety. Your vet can do at least a cytology evaluation to look for bacteria and then if present take an educated guess on what antibiotic (That is not doxycycline) may improve such as a fluroquinolone or a sulfa antibiotic or even a penicillin-based antibiotic. Sounds like these have not been tried? As well, you can always gently cleanse all areas with soap/water. Your vet does not want you to give a full, aggressive body bath until sutures are removed to help prevent damaging the healing sites. But you can gently cleanse all areas.

I am at a point I need to know what questions you have. I hope that the information I provided has been helpful.

Please let me know if for any reason you need further clarification, have more questions, or were expecting a different type of answer.

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