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Have a tiger striped kitty who is almost 2 years old. Almost

Customer Question

Have a tiger striped kitty who is almost 2 years old. Almost always been an outdoor cat , would occasionally sleep in the house and knew where litter box was when she did come in. At the start of October she went missing. I live in the country in NC and figured she jumped in bed of truck and something happened while I was driving or got ate up by a coyote or such. Found her on the porch in the first days of November , skin and bones. Weighed 5-8 pounds less (she's a small cat in general but still a lot of weight lost) and her tail was definitely broken with visible cuts and such. Kept her in the house all night and woke up to find her tail completely (I mean the entire tail) degloved. Had the tail amputated (couldn't save even a nub) and she had to stay inside with a cone on. This is where it all went south… she began peeing all over the house. Would just be walking around , stop and pee , then keep on. As I said she used litter box before but seemed to almost forget there was one there? She did poop in litter box and I would clean it out every 2 days or so. She finally had sutures removed and has gained weight (looks great) , but still seems to have litter box issues. I do know she will poop in (or near litter box) and she also enjoys flinging litter so I have place her box inside a cardboard box , but she doesn't seem to mind. The peeing problem is what I am most concerned about as even though we are in NC it still is getting down to 28 degrees tonight. I have built her a shelter outside , but she does enjoy coming inside at night and this makes me feel more comfortable , as she has become a very expensive cat after that surgery. Cat pee is a very difficult scent to remove , but I did let her in last night and as far as I can tell she did not pee anywhere and I can tell she used litter box. I know it is tough to answer but is there a safe way to keep her outside or a way to make sure she pees in litter box? Also wondering as a 10-ish pound cat I know she is very smart and can find shelter , but even then will the cold affect her?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  William Withers replied 1 year ago.

Hi there. I'm Dr. Tim. Have you had her checked for a urinary tract infection? These can often start up after a stressful situation as she went through.

Expert:  William Withers replied 1 year ago.

If she doesn't have an infection, there is a product called CatAttract which can help draw cats back to using a letter box. Also Feliway can help if the problem is due to anxiety issues.

Expert:  William Withers replied 1 year ago.

And yes, if there is any way you can help her stay inside, if definitely try as much as you can. Nature's Miracle is great for getting rid of cat pee odor.....the smell often draws them back to pee again.