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Dr Marta Lepes
Dr Marta Lepes, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 507
Experience:  Owner, practitioner, Owner at Hilo Veterinary Clinic, Inc, Vetmed Hawaii
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I have issues with a stray i took in. He has been to the vet

Customer Question

I have issues with a stray i took in. He has been to the vet twice. When i got him he had a bad head tilt. The vet found an ear infection, treated and said his ears were dirty. I treated the dirty ears and the infection but he still has black clumps coming out. The head tilt is better but he is deaf. He has balance issues but x rays came out clean. My vet thinks he may have been hit by a car or worst case vasbular disease. He eats like a horse 7 cans of food a day. Also his pee doesn't clump.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Marta Lepes replied 1 year ago.

Hello Rebecca,

My name is***** and I will help you.

Bless you for taking in Cole.

Yes it does sound like some vestibular problem.

I'm concerned that there is still has black clumps coming out of his ear.

How long have you been treating the ear? Is the other ear clean?

Expert:  Dr Marta Lepes replied 1 year ago.

How are his eyes? Do they rapidly move back and forth. Is one eye open wider than the other?

Expert:  Dr Marta Lepes replied 1 year ago.

Becky, I have waited over two hours for you to respond. It is late and I have to sign off. But I will email you in the morning and see if I can help you.


Dr Marta

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had some sort of issue with this site and could not respond. His eyes do not shake. The eye on the side with the tilt has a very slight droop, we didn't even notice until we took a picture. There is some muscle loss in his left leg, but xrays were good. A slight balance issue on that leg, but no walking in circles. Other than his deafness, and being hungry all the time and the ear discharge otherwise he seems fine. Only vomited one time. Had a runny stool once. Sometimes he sneezes 10 or 12 times in a row. There is no cure for this condition, correct? Do you think i should have his stool checked again. I have never seen a cat eat so much?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The tilt is better, but still a slight tilt on his left side.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can send a picture, the one we noticed the eye droop.
Expert:  Dr Marta Lepes replied 1 year ago.

Good morning Becky,

With that slight droopy eyelid it dose look like Horner's Syndrome. It was probably caused by an ear infection, often a middle or inner ear problem. If his ear drum ruptured then the infection could have entered the ear. Or it could have started in his upper pharynx, where the back of the mouth and throat come together. This area is under the ear, only inside.

With proper antibiotics he may overcome it with time. However it would be a good idea to also check for any polyps in the ear and clean out the debris. Then the ear drum could be checked. This has to be done under anaesthesia.

At the same time, the pharynx could be checked for injury or tumor.

It is a very good sign that he is getting better. Hopefully he will have a full recovery.

As to the voracious appetite. It could be that he has been feral and food was difficult to find. He may have been conditioned to eat fast when food was available. I had a rescued feral cat that did that for a while. I gave him smaller amounts throughout the day and gradually he realized that his food supply was secure and he didn't have to wolf it down.

He should also be checked for diabetes which can increase his appetite without weight gain.

Rechecking his stool and reworming if needed is a good idea.

I'm really pleased to see that he is improving. You are an angel to have taken him in.

If you are satisfied with this service please rate me.

If you have more questions you can still email me after the rating. I will be back in the afternoon (Hawaii time, PT) and I'll check my email.

Thank you Becky and have Happy Holidays!!

Dr Marta

Expert:  Dr Marta Lepes replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Dr Marta Lepes