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I took 2 ten week old kitties from the park...healthy! Had

Customer Question

I took 2 ten week old kitties from the park...healthy! Had them spayed and then took them to the same place Midnight is. I didn't know she had a flea problem there! I thought maybe midnight was allergic to them. Thank you for your information regarding allergic reactions. Now, these 2 cats from the park that were just spayed stay at the same cattery as Midnight. (remember, I didn't know there was a flea problem there) And the next time I went in 2 weeks later, I saw the bigger stronger one, and I saw something wrong with her and asked. the lady said nothing. I said its going to the vet with you tomorrow, as she said she was going. I took 6 little ones in different carriers in my car. Getting to the vet, he took one out that had ring worm! I took the little one I said there is something wrong with it home. 3 days ago it is itching under its neck and biting. Does it have dermatitus or beginnings or ring worm? Hair broke off under neck and it is biting and itching its legs too. I am livid about that cattery and will get midnight ou, but he is feral. If he had flea meds, can I just let me out where I know volunteers feed? I am washing everything here at home now with blech, but need something better than that, as I don't know what this little kitty has until tomorrow on Monday. I have to get out of the volunteer of cats. I have had too many with illness, and my cats are home. Sorry this message so garbled, as I am worried about transfers of disease here, and how to take midnight out of the flea polace.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

There are fleas about everywhere!

The only way to tell if the kitten has ringworm is to test for it; you can't tell just by looking at the skin. Your vet could shine a "Wood's lamp"on the dermatitis; about 80% of cases of ringworm will glow under this special UV light. A simple culture of hairs will also tell if this is ringworm, which is a fungal infection.

I would get Midnight out if you can, put some Advantage on him, but I would not send him where other cats are. They have established a territory, and may drive him away. I would bring him home, and if he can't be indoors, keep him in a garage with food and water and a bed for a few days to a week before letting him go out to explore the neighborhood.

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Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

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