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My cat has what is called injection site sarcoma, the mass

Customer Question

My cat has what is called injection site sarcoma, the mass has protruded outwardly , my cat isn't eating much and is sleeping quite a bit. This is a cat I adopted Abbott four years ago . It was a feral cat at the time, I'm so frustrated trying to do what I can to make him as comfortable as possible. I didn't opt for the amputation of his leg as he spends most of his time out doors..doing what cats love to do hunting ground squirrels etc. not to mention removing his leg , memo, radiation,is beyond my budget as a widow living on a fixed income. I wanted his last days to be more of quality than quantity., as there were no gauntlets as to whether even this could save his life. Today I contacted the dr, for some form of pain med. only to find that the liquid med. is for a weeks worth cost $48., couldn't afford that was a pill @ 12.75 for a weeks worth..and is in pill form...can't administer pill in cat by is miserable, I am very angry over all of this, I've tried for four years, to get the nessecary shots, for my cat, only to have it killed in a slow death, from a shot where there was no disclosure what's so ever in office on paper etc..etc.. I've asked my vet if perhaps the company who made this vaccine could help in the cost of treatment of the cat, also the creation when the time arises...was told no. Their ( makers of vaccine ) wouldn't share in any of this, only perhaps after an autopsy to prove this.even then would be difficult...I've tried to always do the right thing...need to know what can I give to him to help him ? Not sure what to do, should I just put him to sleep ? Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, ***** ***** donna
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.
Donna,I am very sorry to hear about your kitty. This is a very sad thing when it happens. Fortunately, it is very rare. I have studied injection site sarcoma information for years. And the bot***** *****ne is this: certain cats are genetically predisposed to anything causing injection site sarcoma.We believe even an injection of an antibiotic can cause this in the right cat. The problem is we don't know which cats those are.I do hope that we will eventually be able to do a test to tell. So you did not do the wrong thing by vaccinating your cat. Because your cat only had a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting injection site sarcoma but if not vaccinated a 100 % chance of getting sick or dying. So please don't feel bad about your care of him.As far as what to do. The quote they gave you for the liquid medication is most likely Buprenorphine and it is very good for pain control. Actually what they are charging you for that is very inexpensive. My clinic is about double that for a week supply. Having said that, I hear that you are on a limited income. If you are not able to get him the surgery or afford pain meds then I would strongly recommend humane euthanasia. And that would be the best thing for him so he does not have to suffer with this.I do hope I have helped you understand the disease better and please feel free to get back to me with questions as I check my computer every night.Most Sincerely, DRJ
Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.
Please let me know if you have other questions as I check my computer every night. Sincerely, DrJ
Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.
I am checking back with you to see if you need further assistance.
Most Sincerely,DrJ