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I think this cat we've been feeding was bitten by a raccoon

Customer Question

I think this cat we've been feeding was bitten by a raccoon -- he has a circular shaped chunk out of his fur about the size of a quarter or a little bigger.. what should we do to treat? we've been feeding this cat since last fall when he showed up as a kitten and we can pet him but not pick him up since he's still a bit skiddish -- don't think I'd be able to put him in a carried and get to our vet and I'm worried the wound is getting infected
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we had some amoxicillin pills left from another of our indoor cats that we have been giving him -- the wound was looking better and had decreased in size until I saw him today -- and it's raw and bloody and looks like he licked or chewed on it and remove the part that had healed... and I notice he's limping slightly now whereas before he moved like nothing had even happened. of course another concern is rabies if whatever bit him was infected. I''m not sure what to do for him but something needs to be done.
Expert:  Camille-Mod replied 2 years ago.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would like a response on what is best to do to treat the cats wound - peroxide antibiotic ointment or what ever is best - i didn't think this would be a difficult question for any vet
Expert:  petdrz replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry that you have been waiting for a response. I recently just logged onto the site and noted that your question hasn't yet been answered. I am a licensed veterinarian with over 25 years experience and would be happy work with you if you are still needing assistance. I was wondering why you think this cat's wound may be due to a raccoon bite versus another stray cat or other wildlife? These are hard situations because you want to help him, but you don't want to expose yourself to any possible disease that can hurt you. Rabies definitely has to be a concern in his case. If there was a puncture than an abscess is likely and that may be why the wound looks worse now. Without knowing what it looks like, I would only be able to tell you that most abscesses are best treated with oral antibiotics, but they are not always able to be administered for whatever reason. Peroxide can be harmful to the remaining healthy tissue, so I would stick with an antiseptic solution that you can flush the wound with (like betadine) or an antibiotic ointment. I would urge you to use extreme caution in handling this cat, and wear gloves. If he happened to be exposed to rabies, the route of transmission is saliva, but since cats groom themselves, he could have saliva on his coat. If he were acting odd at all, it would be best to let animal control deal with him (but we all know how that would end). If he is not improving, he really needs to have some sort of veterinary intervention. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have ANY other questions. My goal is to give you 100%satisfaction and if you are not yet satisfied, please reply so I can clarify for you.Dr Z
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I tried to explain in my first post that the wound is a circular hole or chunk missing from his fur about the size of a quarter. not a puncture - you can see his muscle through this hole so his skin has been torn off down to the muscle - it looks horrible - I'm wondering if he needs stitches to close it
Expert:  petdrz replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the reply.
I have seen plenty of wounds with torn flesh that have been caused by all sorts of encounters, even cat to cat. Not all cat bites are puncture wounds. In any case, if you can see muscle underneath, yes it would definitely do better with stitches, but if not, it will likely heal by second intention (from the inside out), but as you have mentioned he is at risk for infection in the meantime. Topical treatments will sometimes be enough, but no doubt he would do best with orally administered antibiotics. Of course this presents a challenge in that he is a stray and you can't reliably say he will be there to treat.
If you can find a way to get him into a vet, that would be the best route for him. They can sedate, get the wound attended to and offer a long acting antibiotic injection. You may be able to scoop him up in a large towel or blanket and place the whole bundle in a box or carrier.
Good luck with him, but take care not to put yourself in danger.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thanks - today it looks a little better and a bit smaller - he's eating and drinking normally and seems in good spirits so we'll watch him and try and catch him if possible - he doesn't seem like he feels bad at least
Expert:  petdrz replied 2 years ago.
Cats never cease to amaze me on their ability to heal. Thank you for taking care of this ownerless soul. It sounds like he is in good hands. Please contact me if you need additional help.