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My 11 yr old neutered male cat frequently dominates a female

Customer Question

My 11 yr old neutered male cat frequently dominates a female spayed littermate by jumping on her back and biting her neck. He does not do it to the other littermate. Any suggestions to help minimize this behavior, so she doesn't have to hide so much of the time?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Vet_Dr.Drea replied 2 years ago.
Hello, as a licensed veterinarian I am happy to assist you! Dominant/agressive behaviors between pets can definitely be a frustrating problem. The signs you note are mating type behaviors which can be dominant displays or due to residual mating urges, which can happen in fixed pets (especially if fixed later in life, for example). However, while frustrating, there are some steps you can take to try and minimize this issue. Decreasing stress in the house for all cats is an important component, which can be done by making your house as cat-friendly as you can. Some ideas are: - Make sure you have enough litter boxes: a house should have a minimum of 1 litter box per cat on each level of the house. Adding more litter boxes can help decrease litter box competition - Make sure you have enough food and water dishes: similarly, at least 1 set per cat - I also recommend that the litter boxes and food/water set-ups be in different parts of the house- this will make it less likely for them to feel threatened by each while eating or using the bathroom, and will help prevent territorial based aggression - Add more places for the cats to hide or get away from each other such as more perches, beds, cat caves, etc. This will help the female get away from the male and will help decrease the chances of him feeling like he is competing for space - Similarly, make sure there are plenty of toys and scratch posts available. - Something else you can try is to use pheromone calming sprays or hormone sprays: calming sprays such as "Feliway" help decrease stress, and using a male hormone spray (such as "Boar Mate") on the female can trick the males body into thinking she is not a female and decrease the sexually aggressive behaviors he is showing - Lastly, while rare, it is possible for remnants of ovary to be left behind (or even regrow amazingly!) in spayed females: this would be unlikely to make her able to breed, however, it can affect hormone levels in her body that he may be picking up. Having her hormone levels tested is an option to look into this, but I would reserve this as a last option after trying the above ideas. I hope you find this information useful! Please feel free to respond with additional questions or concerns and please remember to rate my answer so I receive credit for my time.Best of luck with your kitties! Dr. Drea
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I have all of the components you mentioned above in place. And, I have read about the Boar Mate. Do you know where I might purchase it? Also, will applying that to the female's rump possibly cause the other female or the male to think she is an intruder?
Expert:  Vet_Dr.Drea replied 2 years ago.
You are welcome! If you already have those things in place you can try adding more. I am not sure if there are any stores that carry boar mate (though you could try sporting goods stores or farm supply stores), but it is available from many locations online. Here is one: hope that helps!Dr. D
Expert:  Vet_Dr.Drea replied 2 years ago.
I just noticed I missed a question of yours, my apologies. Whether or not the boar mate will make her seem like an intruder is hard to say, I would guess it shouldn't be too much of an issue but certainly if the aggressive behaviors get worse I would stop using it. You may want to try the calming pheromones first and see if that helps as this is an easy way to make all cats in the household feel more at ease. Dr. D