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Vet_Dr.Drea, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 374
Experience:  Boarded, licensed, and accredited veterinarian. Interests: general medicine, ophthalmology (eyes).
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My cat has eaten some of my new impatien plant and is the

Customer Question

my cat has eaten some of my new impatien plant and is the plant poison? she is not feeling well . what should I give her, ? got the plan 2 weeks ago and saw her eating the flower. please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Vet_Dr.Drea replied 2 years ago.
Hello! As a licensed veterinarian I am happy to assist you!
Impatiens are not toxic to cats, so if she is nibbling on them it should not be too much of a problem. However, any significant change in diet can cause some mild to moderate stomach upset in our pets.
That said, if you feel she is "not feeling well" I recommend a trip to her vet to make sure something else isn't wrong, as the impatiens are unlikely the source of her illness.
If you would like, you can provide more details about what makes you think she is not feeling well and I may be able to provide a bit more direction, but again, if she continues to act sick a trip to the vet would be a good idea.
I hope you find this information helpful. Please feel free to respond with additional questions or concerns, and once you are happy with my answer please remember to rate my answer so I receive credit for my time.
Thank you!
Dr. Drea
Expert:  Vet_Dr.Drea replied 2 years ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?