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helperDVM, Cat Veterinarian
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Pregnant cats legs were getting paralyzed happened twice

Customer Question

pregnant cats legs were getting paralyzed happened twice 5week old kitten developed open hole under arm with puss wound opened up to 1inch, arm paralyzed died today other kittens developing same symptoms open sores with puss symptoms noticed yesterday. One kitten born with puss in eyes. Today noticed other kitten with wound on head , puss in eye
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  helperDVM replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry for the loss of the kitty! It sounds like you have sought the appropriate help from a veterinarian and unfortunately it can take a little while to kick in so if the other kittens are too close to death you may lose them. It seems like your question is why is this happening? There is clearly a massive infection that may have actually been present in the mom. Any time there is a hole/wound under the arm we get concerned that a network of nerves called the brachial plexus can be damaged. If the infection was able to reach those nerves that is more than likely the cause for the arm becoming paralyzed. In that same area are some pretty large blood vessels and if the infection was able to reach the blood then it is likely that the kitten died from sepsis (blood infection). It sounds like you have done everything right in that you took the remaining kittens to the vet and have started antibiotic treatment. Continue to try to keep the kittens warm and clean. Do not use peroxide to clean the wounds use a very mild soap (Dial) and warm water then after you clean the areas dry them gently by blotting instead of rubbing. If momma cat has stopped nursing you may offer canned kitten food at 5 weeks old. If they are not willing to eat the canned food you can purchase KMR (kitten milk) from any pet store.
Best of luck!
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