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Dr. Jo
Dr. Jo, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  DVM from Iowa State University in 1994; actively engaged in private regular and emergency practice since that time.
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My cat has been throwing

Customer Question

.my cat has been throwing up about 3 times today and now the last time it has a pink ting to it. I believe it may be blood. He has been acting lethargic lately. He also likes to eat paper products certain types and especially dryer sheets. Which we now put in a different garbage cat so he cannot reach it. I'm not sure what to do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Jo replied 2 years ago.
I'm Dr. Jo and I'm here to help you with your question about Marley. I'm sorry he's having trouble, but glad you're looking for the information you need. You may join the conversation at any time by typing in what you want to say then clicking REPLY. That way we can chat back and forth until you're satisfied with the information I've provided and happy to give me a positive rating.
Your mention of dryer sheets has my attention. I will tell you they are a common cause of gastrointestinal foreign body obstruction and surgical removal is necessary when this happens. I'm guessing you know that already and that's why you've been making efforts to keep them out of reach.
But you're right to still be worried. It only takes one.
In regards ***** ***** vomiting that Marley is doing today, unfortunately there is no way to determine based on history or clinical signs if this is something he'll get over on his own, or if he's doing it because he has a GI obstruction.
In fact, even in the clinic with the benefit of physical exam, blood work, and x-rays that decision (surgery or not) is one of the most difficult ones we veterinarians face on a regular basis. No case is alike.
If you have the ability to have him examined at an ER today, that's always the safest bet.
That being said, I'll also tell you that most young, otherwise healthy animals who show a sudden onset of vomiting (even with pink/bloody streaks from retching so hard), are entitled to a 24-hour fast before seeking emergency care. Please understand that only applies when the dog or cat isn't showing other signs of great distress.
I'll explain how to fast Marley below...
Expert:  Dr. Jo replied 2 years ago.
To fast Marley, remove all access to food and water for 24 hours. Keep him indoors in a place where he's inclined to rest.
After 24 hours, if he is still vomiting, it is definitely time to seek medical attention.
If he is not, try offering small amounts of water. Just a few laps. If he is able to drink a little and keep that down, offer more 15 minutes or so later.
Continue offering small amounts of water for a few hours. If it stays down, try a tiny amount of food. Just a teaspoon. If this makes him vomit, seek medical care. If it doesn't, repeat small meals frequently.
This type of a fast will allow most animals with an uncomplicated stomach to rest and heal their digestive tracts, allowing for a complete recovery.
Animals with more serious problems will continue to vomit in spite of being fasted.
Please remember I am here for you and am happy to discuss this with you until you are satisfied with the information I've provided.
You may return to this page at any time to review the information and/or post more. I will be notified of your response via email and will do my best to help.
If you are satisfied with the information I've provided so far, I'll kindly ask you to rate my response on your way out of the chat, as this is the only way I am compensated for my time and effort.
If you are not, please let me know how else I may be of assistance.
Thank you for using our website.
Expert:  Dr. Jo replied 2 years ago.
I will be going offline shortly, but please rest assured I will check for a reply from you when I return.
Please let me know how else I may be of assistance. My goal is to help you have the information you need to take the best care of Marley possible.
If you're satisfied with the information I've provided, please take a moment to accept my answer and rate my response so I may receive credit for helping you.
Thank you.