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My bengal cat has been severely upset couple months now.

Customer Question

My bengal cat has been severely upset for a couple months now. He howls and cries almost constantly. Some days and times are better than others but when it's bad we can't sleep or watch a tv show or relax in any way and it's heartbreaking. We have to lock him away at night so we can get sleep. I've taken him to a vet and they haven't found anything wrong. His heckles are always up and it's like he is crying for help. Nothing in this house has changed since this problem started occurring. I've tried feliway and it seems to not really be doing much. I've tried rescue remedy which is for anxiety and was recommended to me by a bengal breeder. Also was given an antihistamine that is meant to make him drowsy for when it is really bad but these all do nothing, he will still cry and howl. He will come to me and stare at me crying like he is begging for help but when he is this upset he will not even take any affection to calm him down, he will run from you and continue howling. This is becoming such an issue that I have to start to consider giving my cat up because it's affecting myself and the household making it difficult to sleep or almost anything at all because all we can hear is consent, very loud howling day & night. And it breaks my heart to the point of tears when he is so sad and I am just so helpless. I want to help my cat, I love him so much and will do whatever it takes to make him well and happy so I can keep him around.
he will be 2 years in October. Sterilised & vaccinated. Fed well. Very loved. Gets heaps of playtime and attention. We have always had another cat and they have always gotten along very well. Haven't changed litter or food or introduced any people or animals. We have no idea what could be making him so upset. Please help!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Terri replied 2 years ago.
Hello,I am so sorry Kovu is acting this way. Please give me some more information so I can get to know him:Is he nervous or high strung?What does he eat?Does he cry all day and night or at specific times?Who is head kitty, him or the other cat?Does he ever go outdoors?After your reply please give me a few minutes to type detailed answer.Cheers,Terri