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My cat has been successfully treated for epilepsy for

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My cat has been successfully treated for epilepsy for several years using phenobarbitol (15MG tablet twice daily) and has had seizures only every two to three months or more. When the seizures occur, we administer the doses three time daily for three days (according to our vet's advice) and the seizure stop for months again and we go back to the regular twice daily dosage. After each seizure she is very hungry and downs at least three ounces of food-more, if you'd give it to her. This morning she didn't come for her food and when we woke her up she didn't want to get up and was very unsteady on her feet. She seems lethargic and unable to keep her balance while walking. There was also evidence of excessive salivation but we were not awake to see if she actually had a seizure. We gave her morning dose at 7:00 AM and when she didn't improve we started the (three times daily) routine and gave her another 15 MG tablet at 2:30 PM. I am very worried and hope you have some advice for me.
Hi, I'm Dr. Friend. I'll help you make a plan for your kitty today. How old is she? Does she go outside?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She is about 4 years old and does not ever go outside

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Answer came too late.
Is there any chance that she was exposed to a toxin? I agree that it is possible that this is related to her seizures, but as you noted, this is atypical for her post ictal period.
I strongly recommend having her examined at the emergency clinic if possible. I am worried about toxin exposure, metabolic disease, infectious neurologic disease, or even something like a tumor.
I would start with a physical with complete neurologic exam and blood work. Hopefully we can find a diagnosis, or at least rule out more severe disease with these tests.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Dr. Friend - I'm sorry that I did not have enough patience to wait for your reply and I have already requested my money back. If the company you work for can reinstate the $35 charge I'd be glad to pay it. I was thinking along the lines of a tumor, myself and agree completely with your diagnosis. Again, since this is a holiday my regular vet will not open until Tuesday so I will have to try the emergency clinic in the nearest city. Thank you - Beverly XXXXXXXX

Don't worry about it Beverly! Being paid is a bonus, but the ability to help patients and clients is the most rewarding thing. Please don't hesitate to reply again if you have more questions or after she has been seen by your vet.
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I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Dr. Susan Friend
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Dr. Friend - Bingo was diagnosed with severe vertigo caused by either a neurological event or an inner ear infection. She is responding well to the treatment of cortizone shot, clavamox and Bomine. The improvement was obvious by the second day of treatment and she is back to her normal habits although she doen't seem as strong yet. I am praying that it was an infection rather than a neurological event but, since she is FIV positive,we'll just have to wait and see. Thank you for your concern. Sincerely, ***** *****