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My cat was prescribed amoxicillin for sneezing with yellowish

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My cat was prescribed amoxicillin for sneezing with yellowish nasal drainage. Sneezing was loud and persistent. Dosage was 2 tablets, 50 mg each to be given together, once per day for a female domestic short hair 1yr old cat weighting 9.5 lbs. Within 5 hrs. of taking the medication she began loud yowling, staggering gait, did not want to be held, when normally she is a very loving cat. Took her into emergency for examination at which time they injected her with under the skin fluids and a shot of benedryl. She acted like she went into a trance, became lethargic. She was not running a fever at any time. That was on Thursday night 1/10/13. It took her 2 full days, until today to start acting her normal self. She is showing more energy and beginning to meow again. Normally she is a very vocal kitty. She is however, still sneezing, sometimes up to 19 sneezes in 1hr, 15min. period of time. Nasal passage in one nostril looks a little swollen and a little bit runny. Eyes look good. Sneezing let up a bit until this morning. I have not changed anything in the house as far as litter or other household products. Do you think she given too strong of a dose of the amox? I have not given her any medication since this episode and do not want to take her to her vet again because she has been very traumatized by the two car rides and all the examinations. Please tell me if I should try some other remedy. I am afraid of trying antibiotics. Thank you for your help!
Beth [email protected]

petdoc99 :

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to help. wow, you must have been so frightened by the events that took place. I'm sorry you and little Maui are going through this. I'm glad she's continuing to feel better. The dose of Amoxicillin is appropriate for Maui's weight but the reaction you describe is very unusual. The 'trace' she had after the emergency visit could have been the effects of the benadryl - just like in people it can cause sedation. It sounds like Maui had/has an upper respiratory infection. These infections are often caused by viruses - no treatment. Sometimes bacterial infections can be present - antibiotics. Since she is continuing to improve without antibiotics, she may be fighting off a viral infection. The most important thing in a viral infection is to support Maui and keep her comfortable and eating so she doesn't become dehydrated. We need to keep the mucous and secretions moist so they'll keep moving:
-Lil' Noses or other plain saline (non-medicated) nasal spray, as needed and for as long as needed. Spray or drop in the nostrils to keep them moist. You can't overdose Maui with plain saline nasal spray
-take Maui into a steamy bathroom, really steam it up, 4-6 times daily. She should sit in there for 10-15 minutes each time to loosen secretions.

Pets love to smell what they are eating (especially cats). If they can't smell it they might not eat it. To make it more likely your snuffly pet will eat, make the food as stinky as possible. You can add water from a can of tuna or clam juice to the food. Try heating canned food in the microwave (that stinks!) but make sure it's not too hot and that there are no hot pockets in the food by stirring it well with a spoon then with your fingers.

petdoc99 :

If Maui stops eating she needs to go back to the vet. If her nasal secretions last more then 2 weeks or get thick and yellow/green she needs an exam. If she gets more lethargic she should be seen. I do not recommend any over the counter medications besides the saline nasal spray as above. Good job getting Maui through all this, I'm sure it wasn't easy for either of you. Please continue to write if you have other questions or concerns until you are satisfied. DrB

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Hi, Just checking in to see how Maui is doing. DrB
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Maui is still sneezing with bits of cloudy mucous after sneezing. She sneezes more when up and moving about rather than sleeping. She sneezes up to 30 times a day! She has good appetite and drinking well. Seems interested in playing and being a normal kitty. Does not appear ill at all. If she has an allergy, I wouldn't know....haven't changed anything at all. Advice?


Thanks for the update. Continue the measures I've outlined (saline nasal drops, steamy bathroom) and if she has a nasal irritant it may help to remove the irritant.

She is sneezing so much you may have to consider a different medication (I understand your reluctance) or even a scope of the nasal cavity to find out what is causing the dramatic sneezing.

I'm so glad that Maui is acting normal and eating, that means she is feeling good. That means you have time to consider your options.

Thank you for the positive rating, it is much appreciated. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns.
Dr B