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Weve just acquired 2 kittens, ages 4 mos & 6 mos (approx).

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We've just acquired 2 kittens, ages 4 mos & 6 mos (approx). They were feral, (home) shelter kittens and have only received initial worm treatments thus far and male (older) is fixed. They were living with many, many other cats and kittens in a very clean, conscientious home environment. The male had a crusty eye when we got him and has been being treated with Terracyclin 2x/day. Our girl has shown some similar signs, so we started treating her to same. oops I ran out of room before getting to Qs
Thank you for your question. The symptoms that you are describing are consistent with an upper respiratory infection. These infections are usually caused by viruses and in most cats will run their course in a week or two. My own youngest cat had quite bloody discharge when he was little for a few days--this is due to the inflammation in the nasal cavity.

If they are eating and drinking well, acting normally and playful, then you are safe to monitor them for a few days. If either of them becomes lethargic, stops eating/drinking, or seems to be running a fever, you should consider having them seen as antibiotics may be needed to help them overcome the infection.

In the meantime, some things that can help are keeping the nose and eyes clean (gently wipe away any discharge with a warm, moist cloth). Keep them well hydrated by adding water to any food you are already feeding. Steam can also help. If the appetite seems slightly decreased, it may be from congestion and sometimes warming the food can help, just make sure it is not too hot.

I hope this information is helpful, please let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have any additional questions!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you! That is just the confirmation I needed :) I felt confident we could monitor them at home for a week or so if their symptoms didn't worsen. Like you said, still eating and playing ... can't be too serious right? But everything I was reading online urged taking them to vet if mucus was bloody. I'm sure in many cases that is a serious symptom, but just didn't jive with their lack of other signs of serious illness. Much appreciate the help. We'll keep up what we've been doing and watch them closely. Thanks again!
No problem! Hope they both feel better soon!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry I can't pay more! Can I ask one other thing tho? Which vaccines/shots are absolutely necessary for cats? If they are strictly indoor cats, do they need all the same shots as other cats?
No worries. For strictly indoor cats, I usually recommend only the rabies vaccine (which is required by law), and the FVRCP ("distemper") vaccine, which is a combo vaccine. The FVRCP vaccine protects against several different viruses--even cats who are strictly indoors may exposed to these kinds of viruses if they go to the vet's for example. (My own 7 cats are all strictly indoor, and these are the only two vaccines I give them.)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks so much! Happy New Year!
You too!

I'm just following up on our conversation about Charlotte & Prince. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Christine - Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately the kittens aren't showing any signs of improvement, but again ... not getting worse. I contacted their rescuers and found that they are having the worst URI infection among that same colony that they've ever encountered. They have taken them to two vets ... first had them on Clavamox without success, and the one they saw yesterday put them on Amoxicillin (I thought that was what Clavamox was ...) at 50mg/1xday for 2 weeks. It seems to be rather difficult to acquire these meds without a prescription and our vet quoted us $150 +/- to see both and for meds. I have a number of animal rescuer friends, so have put the word out to them for any Amoxicillin they might have on hand. I thought I had some leftover from one of my children, having been bumped up to something stronger, but I must have recently thrown that out. Figures! Anyway, I'm trying to be patient and continue to be encouraged by their level of food intake and hearty playtime! They just had a vigorous two hours of roughhousing --- definitely a good sign!

Thanks so much for checking in ... I'm hopeful we'll have healthy kittens by 2 weeks time. I think these URIs might be a part of our regular care, as I'm guessing chances are good this is Feline Herpes. :( not ideal but at least we're getting practice at caring for them!!

I hope you're someplace warm!!