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Dr. Welton
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Does the full moon affect a cat.

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Does the full moon affect a cat.


The answer to your question is absolutely YES. This phenomenon has actually gone beyond superstition and anecdotal reports, but has actually been studied at the University of Colorado, College of veterinary medicine. Their study concluded that felines are 30% more likely to get injured during times when the lunar cycle is in full moon or near full moon. This indicates that felines are engaging in riskier, perhaps more aggressive behavior during these times of the lunar cycle. Therefore, it is possible that the full moon had something to with Riley being late for dinner.

We are not exactly certain of the reason for this type of quirky full moon behavior, however, some hypothesize that this full moon behavior is the result of an effect on the feline's circadian rhythm, that is, physiological and metabolic processes that are based on a passage of time, change of season, tidal variations, gravitational cycles, or amount of light or darkness. This variation in circadian rhythm presented by the completion of the lunar cycle to full moon, thereby leading to changes in night-time light and gravity, affects the behavior of felines. It is not only felines that get affected, as the same variations of behavior associated with full moon affect dogs and even people in much the same way.

As such, it may be wise to become well acquainted with the lunar cycle and keep Riley in for a couple of days as the lunar cycle approaches full moon...perhaps it will serve to keep him out of trouble, as well as be on time for dinner. :)

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