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Why should felimazole tablets not be crushed? It is the only

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Why should felimazole tablets not be crushed? It is the only way I can make my cat eat them!
Welcome to Just Answer! I'm Dr. Hinson and I'd like to help you with your question.

How long have you been treating her by crushing the pill?

Has the thyroid level been checked recently?

Has your vet talked to you about using a liquid compounded form of the medication or a transdermal form of the medication?

Has your vet talked to you about using the prescription diet called Hill's y/d ? If you use the special diet you don't need the medication.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Treatment is now for almost 3 months. thyroid level was checked last 1 month ago. It was good, value stated 20.

Vet (I am in the Netherlands) has not indicated any other way of medication The new possibility of a iodine free (Hills) diet was just mentioned today

OK. Well, to specifically answer your question, you can crush the pills. I have never heard that you can't do that.

Obviously the medication is working if the thyroid level is good so whatever your doing seems OK.

I think the diet is the easiest way to go but it is much more expensive than the pills.

If the pills are working I would stick with it.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks so far, that sounds good. However in the information provided with the felimazole it is stated that the pills should not be crushed. I also find this on several web sites so it seems there should be a reason. My vet thought that it could be because the danger for humans or that it was absorbed less well by the cat but did not have any real answer
I have never heard that, at least not here in the US, so I can't give you a reason. I guess you could call the manufacturer and ask them for an explanation?

I would only tell clients not to crush a pill if the pill is timed-release or has an enteric coating because that would interfere with how the medication is absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

Since the medication is working I would say keep doing what you are doing and if you are worried about absorbing the medication through your skin then wear gloves while handling the pills.

Dr. Hinson
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks again, I am seriously thinking about the diet - but the problem is there are two cats in the house.


Just an example of a typical website were it is stated not to break or crush the tablets:


I am using a mortar and hardly touch the tablets so that should be OK.





It says that they are worried about human handling if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant you should wear gloves.

So there is no problem with the actual medication working correctly when crushed. Since you use a mortar and pestle there should be no problems.

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