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Dr. Kara
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My cat has been throwing up now for 3 days the first day it

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My cat has been throwing up now for 3 days the first day it look like yellow and brown foam then the next day it just look like her food and now it just looks like yellow liquid. She still wants to eat and she is drinking her water. she is about a year old

Hello, I am sorry to hear about Gizzy's vomiting. I do need further information to help guide you.

  1. Does she go outdoors?
  2. Is she still producing stools?
  3. Are the stools normal?
  4. Is she eating normally? Is she keeping the food down and vomiting bile (yellow fluid) only now?
  5. Is she vomiting after drinking?
  6. Is she active, alert and playful or is she lethargic?
  7. Is she a kitty that eats things she should not?
  8. Could she have gotten into anything? Garbage, table scraps?

Thanks for helping with more information. I'll get back with a full answer once I've read your responses.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes she goes just in our back yard.
yes she is producing stool and it's yellow and brown

as of last night it just looks like yellow fluid.

not that I know of it's just at night after we are all in bed and I'm getting up to it everywhere.

she is active,alert and playful

she eats bugs

No we don't feed table scraps and she's never got into the garbage. The only thing is we just started letting her out in the backyard maybe about a month ago so the only the is bugs

Thanks very much for the further information, it definitely helps.

Because she is still producing stool a complete intestinal blockage is much less likely and that's good news. The other good news is that she is active an alert and feeling herself.

Causes of vomiting can be a gastrointestinal foreign body, eating something (bugs or plant material) that she should not, a toxin or internal organ disease, inflammatory bowel disease or, less likely because of her age, a mass in her abdomen.

If she goes outdoors she may be eating something that you aren't aware of that is making her vomit. I'd try to keep her in until this problem is sorted out.

For now I'd try an acid reducer to see if we can settle her stomach. You can try either:

1) Pepcid-ac (famotidine) at one quarter of a 10mg tablet per 5 to 10 pounds of body weight every 12 hours.
2) Prilosec (omeprazole) at one quarter of a 10mg tablet per 5 to 10 pounds of body weight every 24 hours.
These will reduce stomach acid and should help if this is related to simple nausea and gastrointestinal irritation from eating something she should not have. These are very safe and can be used as needed.

You can also try a bland diet of 2/3 boiled, white, skinless chicken and 1/3 boiled white rice in small meals frequently for a few days. If things go well in a few days try to convert her back to her regular food by slowly adding a little more regular, less bland, at each meal. It should take 5 to 7 days to slowly convert her back.

If her vomiting continues even with these measures she needs to see her veterinarian. If she refuses to eat, has a tense, painful belly or runs a fever of more than 103F rectally then she needs to see a veterinarian promptly. I do recommend having her stool checked for gastrointestinal parasites by her veterinarian either way as she is going outside now.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr. Kara and other Cat Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Vanessa,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Gizzy. How is everything going?

Dr Kara
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Good I haven't let her outside and she has been fine no more vomiting. So it's probably something she's eating outside.

Thanks very much for the update on Gizzy.

I am glad that she's doing well. At least now you know why she was vomiting.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr Kara

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