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Rebecca, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  More than 30 years of companion animal practice.
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my cat is limping on her back left leg and we have checked

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my cat is limping on her back left leg and we have checked for any pain when we touch and it seem to be her inner hip/thight.

Rebeccavet : Hi JACustomer,
Rebeccavet : Sorry to hear about Bella.
Rebeccavet : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a licensed veterinarian.

hi hope u can help


my cat is limping on her back left leg and we have checked for any pain when we touch and it seem to be her inner hip/thight.

Rebeccavet : Does Bella go outside? One of the most common reasons for a cat that goes out to be limping is being in a fight with another cat, and having an infection.
Rebeccavet : But I could only tell if this is her problem if I could examine her,
Rebeccavet : Is she eating and drinking?

yes she does we have 2 other cats aswell but no cuts


not not 2day and she eats very well

Rebeccavet : There usually is no cut with the fight wounds, just a tiny puncture that is easy to miss.


Rebeccavet : It would be safe to try giving one half baby aspirin
Rebeccavet : This can only be done once because one dose of aspirin lasts days in cats. Do not repeat it for at least 3 days.

we have not got any we do a old cat that is on metacam tho

Rebeccavet : And never give a cat Tylenol. Very poisonous. Aspirin only.

is the metacam ok ?

Rebeccavet : You could try the Metacam. You have to be careful with it. The FDA has come out with a "black box warning" on Metacam in cats.
Rebeccavet : It has caused permanent kidney failure in some cats.

really we only got given that last week omg

Rebeccavet : So I tend not to use it.

oh dear will she be ok with one treatment tho ?

Rebeccavet : If you want to try the Metacam, I would only give a single dose, like the aspirin.
Rebeccavet : The cats that reacted bad,y to Metacam had been taking it over time.
Rebeccavet : I meant badly, not bad,y!

ok i will give her ago as we can not get her in 2 out vets untill next week

Rebeccavet : new computer.
Rebeccavet : Sounds like a good plan. As long as she is eating, she can wait till then.

lol she has not had anything all day

Rebeccavet : Hooe she is feeling better soon.

thank u for your help

Rebeccavet : You are welcome.


Rebeccavet : If you can think of anything else I can answer, please let me know.
Rebeccavet : If not, please consider accepting so the website credits me.

will do thank u again x

Rebeccavet : In any case, hope Bella is better soon.
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