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Hi. My cat is sneezing a lot and has watery eye. Could be allergy?

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Hi. My cat is sneezing a lot and has watery eye. Could be allergy? Should I take har to a Veterinary? She is 1 year old never been to a Veterinary only when she was altered.How often should I take her to a Vet.?

Hello. Thank you for asking your question on just answer. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

1. Could be allergy?

Most likely she has picked up an upper respiratory tract infection which is like a "kitty cold." It is contagious to other cats but not to people. To help her feel better, you can give her an antihistamine called "chlorpheniramine." It comes in 4mg tablets. Give her 1/4 of a tablet every 12 hours to help with sneezing and nasal symptoms. You can also use nasal saline drops to help with nasal congestion. Put one drop into each nostril twice a day. You can purchase both at any drug store. She will not eat well if she has nasal congestion and can not smell her food. It helps to warm the food in the microwave to make it more fragrant. When you take a shower, take her into the bathroom to steam out her nasal passages. She should feel better in 7-10 days.


2.Should I take her to a Veterinary?

You should take her to a vet if :

-she stops eating

-her nasal drainage turns yellow

-her eye drainage turns yellow

-she has difficulty breathing

-she has difficulty opening her eyes


3.She is 1 year old never been to a Veterinary only when she was altered.How often should I take her to a Vet.?

When she was a kitten, she should have had three sets of vaccines against respiratory viruses as well as a rabies vaccine. The respiratory vaccines were to be given three weeks apart. If that did not happen, she needs to go to the vet, and get one respiratory vaccine combo which will need to be boostered again in three weeks. She will need a rabies vaccine too. Then after that, she just needs to go to the vet once a year. Hopefully this will prevent further respiratory tract infections.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
On papers from People for animals,says: FVRCP and CVR vaccination given: 10/24/2011 are those the ones you refer or I still have to take her in?

You still have to take her in.

She only had one set of shots.

She has to have to have at least two, give three weeks apart, to have immunity against the viruses.

So you will need to go once, then again in three weeks for a booster.

After that, you will only have to go once a year.

Do not worry, vaccines are not very expensive and often you can find a low cost vaccine clinic at an animal shelter, pet store, or an SPCA if you call around.

She can not get vaccines while she has a cold. Wait until she has felt better for at least two weeks.

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