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Denise Colgrove
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How many mg. of amoxicillin per day can you give a 10 lb. cat

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How many mg. of amoxicillin per day can you give a 10 lb. cat for urinary problems?
Hi there,

Is boogie going to the litter box often and only a little urine coming out? Has he a history of Urinary tract problems? Do you know what his diagnoses have been? Does he eat dry food? Let me know and I wil get back to you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Boogie has a history of urinary tract infections. He is peeing almost exclusively out of his catbox, with LOTS of urine. I'm currently unemployed and cannot afford the price of the office visit & the followup plus the testing he'd need. This isn't the first time I've dealt with this. He only eats Feline KD dry food.


Thanks for your help.



OK, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX Why I ask is very few cat cystitis problems are actually caused by infection and most are sterile but bloody. To answer your questions if there was infection I would give 100mgs twice a day. Although the usual dose is 5 mgs per pound, but for urinary tract infections I go to a higher dose. Also be sure he gets a lot to drink. I add water to canned food to help get more liquid into them. Now all this peeing could mean Diabetes or Kidney failure as well so you might get some test tape at the drug store and make sure there is no glucose in his urine. If there is tht means Diabetes and he would need to be on insulin. Let us hope he just has infection and the amoxi will take care of it.
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