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I have been reading cats and Adequan are not so good. I read

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I have been reading cats and Adequan are not so good. I read Natural cat by anitra which says steriods are not good for cat and I have read other articles. My vet has my 14 yr female on it once a would I phase her off
Hi there..

Adequan is not a steroid; it is a synthetic version of compounds naturally found in joint cartilage and fluid. Adequan helps improve the health of joints, repair damage tissue and prevent further degeneration in cases of osteoarthritis. Adequan is very very helpful in cats and, if used properly, is very safe. Giving it every 2-3 months is typical as long as it's helpful, but it can be spread out a little bit more if desired.

Adequan is an important part of management plan for kitties with osteoarthritis, but it's only one part. I would also consider Feline Duralactin ( which is helpful in chronic inflammation and pain as well as Welactin ( which contains omega 3 fatty acids which treat inflammation. Both products are natural and supplement Adequan quite nicely (and safely), providing quite a bit of relief to many painful kitties.

Hope this helps; please let me know if you have any other questions!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I give her .25 cc every month...I have not noticed any issues but did not know if it was a steroid...when I searched for came up as a steroid. My vet also has me giving it to my 16 year old male although he does not have arthrits..Vet said it will not hurt him and may help his aging...

Can the shots cause Sarcomas? sp...the cancer tumors?

Are the Duralecthin and Nuramaxlabs scripts from a vet or open to general purchase?
That dose sounds correct; Adequan is definitely not a steroid. I agree, that it's a good idea for your male as well - there are many older kitties with arthritis that do not show symptoms.

Adequan injections have not been associated with injection site sarcomas in cats.

Duralactin and Welactin are products that you can purchase online, such as on Amazon:



Good luck!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Awesome...thank you...have you ever red The NAtural Cat by Anitra Frazier? If not, give it a is quite good and I do adore the kitties....Thanks
You're welcome! I will give the book a try, thank you.
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