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What does it mean if a diabetic cat vomits? Too much insulin

Customer Question

What does it mean if a diabetic cat vomits? Too much insulin or too little? Has been diagnosed and well managed with frequent glucose curve checks for 8 years and some vomiting (always in morning) has frequently been an issue.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Rebecca replied 5 years ago.

Rebeccavet :

Hi JACustomer,

Rebeccavet :

Thank you for your question about Snowball.

Rebeccavet :

Vomitng in the morning could mean that her insulin dose is off. It could also be due to her stomach being empty, or to any of a dozen other reasons. Cats vomit for so many reasons that it can be hard to tell.

Rebeccavet :

If she only vomits in the morning, it it before she gets her insulin? If so, it is probably not due to too much insulin. If it has been 10 or 12 hours after her last dose, the insulin has probably peaked before then. But the only way to know would be to do a blood glucose reading at the time she vomits. If it is really low, she may not be getting enough insulin.

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Expert:  Rebecca replied 5 years ago.
Sorry you accepted so quickly; I was just getting started answering your question.

I was going to say that feeding a meal late at night might help with morning vomiting.

Giving a dose of Pepcid AC (famotidine) at 1/4 of a 10 milligram tablet at bedtime might also be helpful.

Vomiting in cats is a big diagnostic challenge. Dozens, even a hundred reasons for cat to vomit. I would try a small late meal, which should not upset the diabetes, and/or the famotidine. If that does not help, a glucose curve (checking blood glucoses every couple of hours all day ) will tell you for certain if this is due to an improper (too high or too low) insulin dose.

If your cat has not had a pancreas panel (blood tests called PLI and TLI ) done, that would be a good idea. Chronic pancreatitis is common in cats, causes intermittent vomiting, and cannot be diagnosed on routine blood tests.

Sorry I did not get to finish before you accepted, but thank you for the accept.

I will send this as an Info Request, so you do not have to pay again.