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Dr. B.
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my cat seems to be dragging his back leg on the ground and

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my cat seems to be dragging his back leg on the ground and cannot run or jump properly dragging paw so the fur part dragging on ground do i need to see a vet thought he might have been hit but no signs and he is his normal self apart from not being to walk normal
Thank you for your question.
I am sorry to see no one has answered you sooner.

How long has Gizmo been dragging his leg?

If you touch foot, does it feel cold?
If you give it a little pinch, can he feel it at all?

Does he have outdoor access?

Has he been vocalizing more the usual? Or see painful?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
he has outdoor access his foot does not feel cold and he feels a pinch he is not vocal just very quiet and hides does not look in pain just drags his foot
Thank for you the additional question.

When a cat suddenly starts to drag their foot and lose their proprioceptive abilities (which is why they don't right their foot and drag the foot on the top furry part of the food), there are several serious causes that we worry about.

In older cats, we can see a sudden loss of feeling/sensation in the foot caused by a blood clot lodging in the blood vessels associated with the foot (often because of underlying heart disease). Often these cats are very painful (screaming in pain), and the foot will be cold and without feeling when we pinch it. If he has feeling and the foot is warm, then this is less likely.

The other main concern we have with your wee kitty is the possibility of trauma. This could have been from a car accident, falling off a fence, or getting the foot trapped. We may see other signs associated, but this isn't always the case. This is usually because of injuries to the back/spine region that interrupts the brain's ability to tell the kitty how to place the foot correctly and walk on it normally. While he doesn't look overly painful, I suspect that the hiding/quiet demeanor is due to a a discomfort or pain element.

In your wee kitty's case, I think he should be seen by his vet. The vet will be able to evaluate his leg and spine and assess how much damage has occurred. As well, depending on his findings, the vet will prescribe medication to ease any pain he may have and reduce the spinal swelling that is causing his signs (which in spinal damage the sooner these are started, the better the long term prognosis.). As well, if the vet listens to his heart and notes a problem there, he might also cover him with medication to dissolve clots (in case a small one has lodged in the blood vessel).

I hope this information is helpful.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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Thank you,
Dr. B.
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