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hello my cat has a hanging pouch under his belly is that n

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hello my cat has a hanging pouch under his belly is that normal?
Hi there,

Thank you for your questions regarding Monty. The pouch you are referring to is most likely his caudal abdominal fat pad. This sits just in front or between the hind legs. This is present in all cats, but will become more pronounced as they gain more weight. There isn't much you need to do about this and definitely don't worry about it. Next time he is in the Vet clinic for a check up, be sure to get him weighed however. Your Vet will also let you know if he is overweight for his size, and if so he can go on a diet such as Hill's R/D.

As for the shedding, there is a really good tool I use on my own cats. It's called a Furminator and you should be able to find one on google or ebay. I also follow this up with a Zoom-groom which collects loose fur via static electricity. I would definitely recommend giving both of these a go.

I hope this helps and just reply if you need any further info won't you.

Thanks and please now click ACCEPT.

Kind Regards,

Dr M D Edwards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
is it okay to feed him bag food i never took him to a vet they are expensive
Hi again,

There are all sorts of cat diets on the market - ranging from premium brands to cheap supermarket brands. This boy needs to be on an adult cat food now - this can either be bagged dried food, tinned or pouch wet food or a mixture of both. Ideally he would be on a high quality cat food as well - however this is usually down to how much you can afford for him.

I hope this helps,

Dr Edwards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok one last question he has a tooth that is like sticking out of his month and its an over bite ummm it dont seem like it bothers him when he eat what do you think i should do
If the tooth is firmly in place (check but don't get bitten!!) and it isn't causing a wound to the adjacent lip or any signs of dermatitis, then this shouldn't cause a problem. As I assume it is his large canine tooth or teeth, then this shouldn't really affect his eating. If the tooth is loose or causing damage or dermatitis to the adjacent lip, then I would recommend it is surgically extracted by your Vet.


Dr Edwards
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