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My cat has MRSA

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My cat has MRSA and is now staggering, not eating or drinking, totally lethargic. it began with an ear infection months ago when I rescued him (foreclosure cat). he already had a sore ear. I do not know if my vet is agressive enough as this has been being treated for two plus months.
Hello. Thanks for writing in.

Was the MRSA diagnosed from a culture of the ear? If so, was chloramphenicol the only antibiotic it was susceptible to?

Does she have a head tilt, walking in circles, or are her eyes moving quickly from side to side?

The only thing I can find on HB101 is that it is a plant supplement? How is this helping with the infection?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There was a culture and curative procedure done. Yes his head is tilted but only one ear is infected, but he is now falling over when trying to walk. At this point his pupils are dilated,too. since this is in his ear (drum burst 3 wks ago). TheHB101 w Gentocin is called Hydroplus, and label says drying of moist dermatitis and provides cooling relief of dermatitis. Is the MRSA likely killing him? Being in his head can it affect his brain? I'm terrified another family member, person ,cat or dog can get this. I do not know much about MRSA, esp in animals. Last should I take him to the vet school for treatment? People I know had to have IV's and isolation. Thanks for your help as I have not been here to deal with this until yesterday
Thanks for the information. My suspicion, with his history, is that he has an inner ear infection. It is most likely related to the MRSA infection. Usually inner ear infections will not affect the brain, but I haven't really dealt much with MRSA in the ear. Usually, they are Pseudomonas infections, which can be equally as severe. MRSA does have the potential to spread to humans and other animals. There is always concerns about that, although not much is really known about this type of disease transmission from cats to humans yet. I am not sure how well the Hydroplus will absorb in the ear canal, since it is a skin medication. With the inner ear signs, it would be a good idea to get him to the vet school or emergency vet as soon as possible. I would assume that he is going have difficulty eating and drinking and may need supportive care for this. Plus, IV antibiotics may be indicated to really clear this infection well. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Evet will take for large fee bec ause having to use isolation room, extra precautions, etc. I have done rescue forever so I have been hydrating him with eyedropper and will get to vet at 7:30 Mon ,then head to Gainesville...My husband just got let go and I can't workdue to fibro. My dentist, and friend, will loan me $$ to pay as he is cat rescuer crazy.Had I realized this one was a keeper I would have gotten him insurance! Thank you for your advice. I can keep him on life support until Monday. But one thing-what is prognosis for cats w MRSA? Have had 3 pass since Oct; heart disease, cancer, chemical burns (a rescue, but loved still). Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX now I can sleep.

You are very welcome. Glad I could help. Really, it is difficult to say exactly what the prognosis is. There haven't been many documented cases that I know of. I have dealt with an MRSA skin infection in a dog once, and they did well on the proper antibiotics. My suspicions is that his signs may be due more to the infection getting into the inner ear canal than getting systemically. That holds a far better prognosis. It is just difficult to predict at this point. Hope this helps. Good luck!!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your help. Called Evet and told to hydrate until I could get to my vet. I ended forcing water into cat by eye dropper. It is not good news, however. The MRSA MAY have spread since his eyes are dilated but he can see some, but now BOTH ears are infected so it may be affecting him neurologically. Dr. says not to give up yet, but am crying as I write this. If he dies it will be fourth in nine months; one of heart disease, one of oral cancer,(these were mine for 9+13 yrs), one rescue of some infection that I never heard of, now Oreo has MRSA in his head. Since it is now in both ears I'm thinking it has spread throughout his head and possibly whole blood system. My vet is encouraging but since I totally melt down when I lose one, rescue or companion, I think he's putting off what we already know. He said the dehydration may cause some of the symptoms,but with this terrible monster I fear his brain is infected. I had human friend who had it and she had superantibiotics and other support and spent 3 weeks in hosp. I am writing you because my friends and family are trying to be positive but I realize the truth. My family Dr. thirty years ago told me while giving me an antibiotics for strep throat told me science would not keep up and supergerms would one day beat any treatments devised. MRSA is one of those monsters. Thank you again and I will let you know what happens.
Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear Oreo is not doing well. It definitely sounds like a nasty infection. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep him in my prayers, though. An update on his condition would be great. Pretty much iv fluids and antibiotics and other medications to control other signs is his best bet. Good luck!!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi. Oreo is able to see and pupils are reacting correctly. I got copy of his whole chart and see his ear has been an issue since 11-09-10. he was spayed by my friend who was going to keep him and while under for neutering his ear was "TrizUltra+Keto Flush with Baytril. His ear slide says positive, yeast TNTC, bacteria TNTC. What does that mean? As I read on the numbers get to 2+, then 3+. Convenia was used but not every two weeks. Then a second flush w TrizU KF w Baytril. Today we're going to a holistic vet and then may need a neurologist. Was all this necessary; his pain and our worry and cost? Isn't it usually an easy heal using strong meds and perhaps ear flushes? I now understand how it evolved into this horrible disease. Thanks for listening again.
The TNTC mean Too Numerous to Count. It would have been helpful if they noted what type of bacteria it is (rods vs cocci). I would imagine with MRSA, it would be cocci, but an infection with rods may mean Pseudomonas, which is a nasty bacteria that is very resistant to a lot of antibiotics. Usually Pseudomonas infections are opportunistic and are a result of long term, chronic ear infections. It is far more common than MRSA (never diagnosed that in the ear). All those test were definitely necessary, plus more probably. Nasty ear infections may not be that easy to clear up. If it is in the middle or inner ear, surgery to clean out the area may be necessary as well. If they diagnosed MRSA, they had to have a culture ran. Do you have any results for that? What about any x-rays to evaluate the ear canals and middle ear cavity better?