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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  UC Davis graduate, Interests: Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pain Management
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My cat swallowed some chicken bone/s out of the garbage bin

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My cat swallowed some chicken bone/s out of the garbage bin on WEdnesday evening (March 20) and now appears to be suffering pain (April 4). He has been listless over the weekend and moews when touched. Could there be a relationship? If so, what do you recommend?
Those chicken bones can be sharp and can cause not only bad gastritis, but can perforate the stomach or intestines.

Definitely, if any symptoms to suggest abdominal pain including change in appetite or thirst, he really needs to be seen by a vet.
I consider getting an abdominal x-ray critical for evaluating the severity of what could be going on.
In addition, I really do not believe there is appropriate over-the-counter therapy to help J.J. enough in this situation.
My primary concerns include a bad gastritis, pancreatitis, bone obstruction.
Worth finding a vet, any vet, open today for examination and to start some good supportive care.
Also, even if unrelated, then we must be concerned about some other systemic problem, which would justify more immediate examination as well, including a basic blood test.

I will hope for a simple explanation and treatment for J.J.
Good Luck
Dr. Andy


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