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Dr. BJ Hughes
Dr. BJ Hughes, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  20+ years in feline medicine,surgery, and teaching. Special emphasis on educating owners.
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Cat Vomited Pink Tinged Liquid And Is Lethargic.

Resolved Question:

Why has my cat vomited pink tinged liquid and is acting lethargic?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. BJ Hughes replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer.

Has your cat eaten anything unusual? Is it a large amount of vomit or pink?

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : Hi my cat has vomited pink tinged liquid

Dr. BJ Hughes : How old is your cat and is it outdoors at all?

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : She is 7 and stays indoors

Dr. BJ Hughes : I understand her energy level is down -- but how has appetite been, stools, and urination been?

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : Appetite average and I have another cat. So as far as I can tell stools and urination is normal. She also acts like she is in discomfort.

Dr. BJ Hughes : ok -- if you feel her abdomen, is she painful at all?

I am concerned that the pink is blood related. An ulceration of the stomach lining -- or other cause for bleeding could be responsible for the pink.

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : She doesn't react to it, but she feels really bad and fusses a lot when I pick her up.

Dr. BJ Hughes :Ok. Can you check her gums to see if they are pink? and if pressed do they go white then go quickly back to pink when released?

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : Ok my husband is getting a flash light to check really well. My husband thinks her gums look pink.

Dr. BJ Hughes : ok --I would avoid feeding her tonight -- and continue to monitor her abdomen, gum color, and general health overnight -- a vet visit is likely necessary if she continues to have this tomorrow.

Also if vomiting continues, any abdominal pain occurs, or any change in gum color or abdominal pain occurs or if other pain becomes evident then an Er visit is necessary

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : She did get sick earlier this afternoon while we had company and has acted uncomfortable since then, but we couldn't see anything wrong with the vomit until just now. Do you have any idea what would bring this on? she was just fine until today.

Dr. BJ Hughes : I am not sure -- but the pink fluid might indicate blood, or it may indicate that she has eaten something with red coloring in it ??

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : She has some dry cat food that has some kibble in it that is red colored, but vomit would have been like water except when i cleaned it up it had a pink tinge to it. i don't think it is anything she ate. So why would there by blood?

Dr. BJ Hughes : Blood might be present with an ulceration of the stomach lining, decreased clotting ability (rodent poisoning, protein loss in blood, or autoimmune disease or if there is injury to the lining -- consumption of string or foreign body .

JACUSTOMER-7vaowgwd- : OK I think i will just watch her tonight and then get with the vet in the morning. Thank you for your help.

Dr. BJ Hughes : Very good -- just keep a close eye on her -- since this is fairly recent and mild, it will probably be ok. But if the condition worsens an Er visit may be necessary .

You are very welcome

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