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Can I give cefdinir oral to a cat for a bacterial infectio

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Can I give 'cefdinir oral' to a cat for a bacterial infection? Neighbor has a very sick cat, & this is the only thing I have. Its 125mg/5ml. (They can't afford the vet)
The drug is called Omnicef (cefdinir) for oral suspension & the cats weight is 9lbs. Please help ASAP! Thanks

YourPetVet :

Hello, You may try the antibiotic at 10mg/kg once a day. So the dose would be 45mg or 0.9mL a day. However, if the infection is a respiratory infection the antibiotic may not totally cover the infection. Monitor for a few days and if no improvement then a different antibiotic would be needed.

YourPetVet :

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YourPetVet :

Thanks for your question. Please reply if there is anymore I can answer.

Customer: It seems its hard for her to swallow, she's coughing, breathing sometimes with her moth open. No discharge from eyes. And she's sneezing. Do you suggest amoxicillon or cefdinir?
YourPetVet :

I would do the amoxicillin, same dose as above but it is twice a day.

Customer: Thanks so much! I hate to see animals suffer, it just breaks my heart!
YourPetVet :

Your welcome. Good luck with the cat.

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