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My cat Brutus keeps jumping up the front of our flat screen

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My cat Brutus keeps jumping up the front of our flat screen tv. Obviously I don't know if he does this when we're not there but it seems to be an attention seeking thing because everytime he does this we have to get up and shoo him off. We're worried that he'll break the tv or pull it over one day and break the tv and himself!

He is very attention seeking because when he's not sleeping he's either trying to open the kitchen door (which he can so we put a latch on it to stop him), trying to open the front door to let himself out (which he can also do), trying to steal our food, chase our other 2 cats, pull books off the bookcase, pull the lamp shade and lamp over, pull glasses over (with or without anything in them), or try to jump anywhere which is high up which means knocking off anything that's in his way!

I'd just really like to understand why he does these things and how to possibly stop him jumping up the front of the tv particulary. Currently we've been using a spray bottle when we can tell he's about to jump, but sometimes he still jumps up the tv to get away, or just stands there and gets wet once he's already there!!

He's a 3 year old neutered male. I got him as a stray when he was 8-10 months old from a vets I was working at (he wasn't neutered at the time). I've now had him for just over 2 years and we've been living in our current house for nearly 2 years. He has his own feeding area with separate water bowl in a different place and his own litter tray in another place. He sleeps in the lounge with the door shut over night, while the other 2 cats sleep upstairs so they can relax without him chasing them. He hunts very successfully quite regulary and we leave him outside during the day when we're at work.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am also a qualified veterinary nurse.

Many Thanks

Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.
I'm interested to read of your adventures with Brutus because I once had a cat just like him!
I'm not sure if the crazy behavior was due to attention seeking or just an inordinate amount of curiosity. I can tell you there was never a dull moment with old Bullet!
Ten years later we still tell stories about his exploits!
Jumping on top of an tippy flat screen T.V. could bring Brutus' adventures to an abrupt halt, however, and must be dealt with immediately for his well being.
Something that may be just the answer to your problem is plastic spike pigeon deterrent. You can see it here:
This device can be attached to the top of the T.V. with double sided tape. I'll guarantee he won't try to walk of this stuff! As for the rest of his exploits those will have to be dealt with as they occur, but be sure to write the best of them down, perhaps someday we can put our stories together in a book!
If you should have further questions, please let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

A book sounds like a terrific idea! Especially the episode where a neighbour tells me he's broken into her house and spilled a pot of white paint down her black trousers!


Thanks very much for your advice - I never thought of a pigeon deterrent. I'll see if I can find one on the UK amazon site! I'll get it for Brutus for Christmas!

Ouch! Bullet once grabbed our elderly Burmese and swung her back and forth from a high shelf, eliciting a sound that may actually have awakened some dead people within earshot!
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