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Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, Cat Veterinarian
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my cat wont put any weight on his right front paw,no obvious

Resolved Question:

my cat wont put any weight on his right front paw,no obvious injuries,does not seem to be broken .is there anything that i can do at home before taking him to the vet?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 6 years ago.
Hi, thanks for your question about Oreo. How long has this problem been going on for? Does Oreo go outdoors? Is there any area on the affected leg that seems warm?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
oreo does go outside,he came home last evening walking carefully ,this morning i noticed that he lifts his paw even when sitting,he keeps licking it as if he is trying to fix it himself.the paw is not swollen ,looking at his other paws,does not feel warmer than the rest of his body.i do have to mention that he is a fearless wild kitty that regulary jumps over fences etc.just now when i teased him with his favorate food did he walk just about normal,im confused
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 6 years ago.
OK, thanks for the reply. If he's using the leg intermittently, it seems unlikely that there's a fracture, since that would not allow for weight bearing. However, being an outside cat, he may have a tiny bite wound on the foot (which we often have a VERY difficult time finding, without completely shaving the area), or he could have a sprain / muscle strain, as a result of falling or twisting in an unusual manner.

Certainly, confinement is needed, to prevent further injury and to allow this to hopefully start healing. Veterinary care will be required if the problem is worsening, or not showing any improvement, within 48 hours. As long as Oreo's appetite is good, and his overall demeanor is bright, there is likely to be low overall concern, but you must watch these things closely for any downturn.

over the counter medicines are not safe for cats, and so if Oreo is in pain, veterinary care will be necessary.
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