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Is it true that cats can sense illness in each other One

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Is it true that cats can "sense" illness in each other? One of my cats has been 'not herself' lately and I have a vet appt set up. The other cats have been harrassing her and worsening the situation. It has culminated in some awful screaming fights. As a result, this normally confident, happy cat is relegated to slinking about the house and running away into a corner when approached (one of her housemates is particularly antagonistic). She is, however, still super-friendly with me, and with people in general (she LOVES people). For the short term, I have her confined to a room by herself.

I am wondering if perhaps the others can detect that she is ill, and instinctively shunning her?
Hello there,

Cats will sense any change in the environment. If something is going on with one cat, the other's will likely pick up on it quickly. Some will become more affectionate towards the cat and others will become more aggressive. It is not uncommon for one cat to return home from a hospital stay and the other cats, that never had an issue before, to turn on it. It can take some time for the behavior to return to normal and it some cases it never does. Feliway is a good idea for these situations.
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