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cat: is overweight, and cant groom herself well..butt..urinary tract

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My poor cat is overweight, and can't groom herself well. She also "leaks" from her butt and her urinary tract. Our vet hasn't been able to help, and my husband is beside himself. The cat is on w/d. We're about to try to find a no-kill shelter for her, because my husband can't tolerate the smell and leaking. Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you!!
Hi there.

Since Clapton is so young, there is still hope at decreasing her weight with exercise and the WD but you will have to teach her to go on a leash and be committed to this weight loss program just as you would for yourself. I worry about the urine leakage since this is not common in over weight cats so this may be a medical condition such as a urinary Tract Infection and may resolve with treatment.

This discharge from her rear may be due to anal glands and if this is the case,. these can be removed and this will solve this issue.

have your vet examine her again and check her anal glands and do a urinalysis looking for an infection.

there is still hope for Clapton so don't give up yet.

Good Luck!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you!! We've had her checked several times for UTIs, and have been given antibiotic shots and pills. Her anal glands have been expressed several times. (She HATES that.) Our vet didn't mention surgery to remove the anal glands.


Things we've done to try to get her to lose weight: 1. Putting food out twice a day instead of constantly having food in the bowl; 2. Switching from commercial wet cat food to dry r/d at the vet's suggestion, then to w/d. She's maybe lost 8 ounces over 6 months, and the vet is very happy with that rate of weight loss. Is that quick enough? (She's about 16 pounds.)


Any thoughts on how to leash train a cat? She's partially blind on top of everything else (poor girl) but she IS very sweet.

And, thank you for your response.

I am actually impressed at this weight loss since it will take some time and at least you are making progress.

Check again about the anal glands since this may well be her problem and removal is a common procedure.

Keep doing the feeding procedure since it is working and put her on a leash and do the best you can in your own yard until she gets used to this. then later you can walk further...playing with her also will give her exercise if she can do this.

Have a Great Day!! Don't give up!
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