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I hear crackling sounds when I put my ear on my cats side--in

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I hear crackling sounds when I put my ear on my cat's side--in addition to purring......
Welcome to Just Answer. Is Big Boy still eating and drinking well? Does he seem stressed with his breathing at this time? Any nasal discharge now?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I believe he is eating and drinking normally..... one of our cats vomited up some dry food lately but it was just for a day and I'm not sure it was BB......

No nasal discharge and does not seem stressed at all with his breathing.


I was so surprise and alarmed at what I heard when I put my hear to his side.......

our most recent adoptee had subcutaneal pneumonia (SP?) or something due to a shoulder injury......that was a crackling sound too and yet nothing like that has happened to Big Boy........he does seem to look a little "pale" in the eyes......I'm not saying that right but he just doesn't look as "bright" as before.......lost his mother about a month ago and he spent every day with her--I hate to think he has gotten ill due to a broken heart.......she had mast cell tumor.


Thanks for any advice you can give.....

Ok. Any time you hear sounds from the chest wall, these sounds could be coming primarily from the lungs or being referred from the trachea or oral / nasal area. Being able to tell which of these areas it is from usually requires a physical exam and chest x-rays. As fare as if this sound is from the lungs, it could be due to fluid from an infection or due to heart issues. Usually, either of these has a pet that is pretty down and breathing with increased effort.
If this is from the trachea, or oral / nasal area - then this is referred sounds. These are more common causes and the most common one is an upper respiratory infection. If was sneezing earlier in the week, he could have some sinus inflammation that is causing this sound to be heard.
I would encourage an exam by your vet to see what they feel is the source of the sound and what can be best done to help him through this. I'm sorry about the recent loss of his mom, this shouldn't be a bad situation with Big Boy I'm hoping!
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