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Our cat has both sex organs (hermaphrodite). How rare is this

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Our cat has both sex organs (hermaphrodite). How rare is this condition? She (we call her "she") because when we got her from the shelter, that is what they said she was) is periodically urinating out of the litter box. Could this be related to her sexual organ issue?

Sometimes this is a behavioral issue. There are several things you can try:
-switch litter types (cats usually like the more expensive litter that clumps when they urinate)
-put two litter boxes in the house and make sure at least one of them is covered
-get some catnip and sprinkle it around litter box
-get some feloway (cat fermone) and spray it in the room the letterbox is in

There is still a possibility that this could be a cystitis. Sometimes you have to put cats on a different antibiotic than the one he was originally on to clear the infection. Ask your vet to switch antibiotics or do a culture and sensitivity of the urine to see if there is any bacteria and which antibiotic it is sensitive to.

If you rule out cystitis completely and have tried all of the above changes, this still may be behavioral and you can try a prescription medication for anxiety. There are several. Your vet can decide which one to use.

I do not think this issue is due to his/her "plumbing."

I hope this has helped,
Dr. B
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