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large brown spot at the corner of my cats eye... is growing.

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large brown spot at the corner of my cat's eye... is growing. it is on the side, and the vet said don't worry until it starts to blocks the eye. should I worry, what could it be?

It started out as a small white film and with time it grew darker. Now the white film is growing and the dark brown "spot" is also getting larger. What was just at the edge of the eye is starting to creep towards the center.


Given his age, this is not likely anything too serious. In older cats, this would be considered a tumor (melanoma) until proven otherwise. In younger cats we can see ulcers, bleeding in the anterior chamber or small areas of inflammation (uveitis) look like this.

If it were my cat, I'd go see an ophthalmologist. They have specialized equipment to get a good magnified examination of this and to take a sample of it if they find it's indicated. You would walk in and out of there with a diagnosis as opposed to a "wait and see" approach.

Here is a link to find a veterinary ophthalmologist around you:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
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