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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Cat Veterinarian
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How often should a mother cat feed her 1.5 week old kittens.

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How often should a mother cat feed her 1.5 week old kittens. She is a stray cat we feed. She's really young and nervous. The kittens are on our front porch and we still have chilly days. She leaves the kittens for long periods of time and I'm concerned they are not getting fed often enough and they are cold. Can I change their bedding to make it warmer? Should I bottle fed them? Thanks for your help.


Good for you to try and help a new mother with her babies!

Generally, a kitten 1 1/2 weeks old should be fed every 2-4 hours by the mom. If they seem to be sleeping a lot, then it means that mom is feeding them sufficiently. Usually, mom is able to figure out how to keep them warm enough and fed enough on her own. Giving mom food is a good way to help, that way she doesn't need to forage too far or wide to keep as well nourished as possible. I would not recommend moving the kittens since mom seems comfortable with the current location. If it seems like mom doesn't come back for more than 6 hours, then you may need to supplement with kitten milk replacer. It sounds like things are going ok at this point however.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Dr. Bruce

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