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Dr. Kris
Dr. Kris, Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  I am a small animal vet and I see mostly dogs and cats and an occasional exotic pet, pig and goat.
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One of my cats eyes has crusty stuff on the inside corner.

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One of my cat's eyes has crusty stuff on the inside corner. It is brown in color and appears to be more on the hairless crease at the corner around the eye rather than in the eye. He has a white face, so it is very obvious. If he were a different color, it would be hard to notice. It has been around for about 5 days. Do you think it is a disease, or just a scratch with a scab? How long should I wait to see if it clears up before taking him to the vet? He is a 11 year old DSH and has always been very healthy.

I'm Dr. Kris.

You should take Smudge to the vet as soon as you can. Since it is just on one eye, there may be something wrong with that eye. The eye may be producing a discharge that dries and forms the scab (caused by glaucoma, infection, foreign body or trauma) or he may just have a scratch by the corner of his eye like you said. The reason I'm recommending a trip to the vet sooner rather than later is if he has something like glaucoma in that eye. Glaucoma results from increased pressure in the eye and can lead to blindness. It is also painful which may be the reason he doesn't want you touching his face. The sooner he is seen, the sooner treatment can be started and the less likely it will be that there wil be complications.

If you cannot get to the vet for some time, then just monitor him. If it is just a scab, it will fall off or he will rub it off when he grooms himself. Monitor the eye for any increase in size or any discharge. If you notice any of this, if he rubs his eye frequently, if he becomes lethargic or anorexic then don't hesitate to go to the vet.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need to know more.
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