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hi, i think my cats water broke today a little less than 12

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i think my cats water broke today a little less than 12 hours ago. i've never seen it happen, she went to a corner after not moving from the same spot for 2 days-(other than to eat & drink lots of water)but i was wondering, what does "the water" look like exactly? is it clear or darker coloured? she went to a corner, picked around a little bit, her body arched/bowed-then quickly released a very large pool of a darker yellowish liquid, with a tinge of orange/red to it. it has a scent that i have never smelled before in any urine, & she was attracted to the spot/smell. she has been sucking down water all day and wont move. she just stretches & drinks alot of water. can you help me by telling me if it is what i think it is.? and how long after this happens do the kittens come? she is about a yr. in a half old & a very petite cat. she had 1 kitten 11 months ago: when she was only 5-6 mths old, so this is her 2nd time giving birth.this time she's an adult cat. can anyone help me with th



The fluid sac around each kitten generally has light amber fluid. If the mother is in labor, she should have contractions coming on a regular basis. Sometimes you see them pushing or straining. Generally we want a kitten to show after pushing, but not to let her push for more than two hours. Cats are able to stop their labor, so I would try to observe only and not get involved. Cats have little trouble with delivery and don't require our human help, sometimes much to our dismay. The darker yellow fluid may have been a combination of urine and the bag of waters.


If the kitty is pushing hard and not delivering a kitten within two hours, then you need to call a vet. They can fatigue and sometimes need help with some injectible pitocin to complete delivery.


I hope this is helpful. Please push ACCEPT and good luck!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hmmm.... ok. this happened 36 hours ago. i've been observing her like you said. things are pretty much the same, she seems how long can it take before her contractions start and a kitten pops out? her vagina is definitely stretched a bit.... i'm not sure if cats dialate: but if they do... how long does it take for a cat to dilate until they're ready to deliver some kittens?
After a cat's water bag breaks, each individual kitten should be delivered within two hours or there's a problem. Therefore, now we are uncertain if the water did break or she has other issues. That is why a physical exam by a vet is necessary. Cats do dilate internally, you wouldn't be able to visualize this. Her vaginal tissues may be enlarged somewhat by hormones. Again, once she begins hard contractions, a kitten needs to be delivered within two hours or there are problems. I hear nothing about contractions, only about a pregnant cat who had some type of fluid release. We don't know if it was bladder or from the placenta. If the cat is acting fine, eating well, then I would guess what you first saw was not a placental bag of water breaking. A cat who hasn't gone into labor by this time would have a pretty bad smelling vaginal discharge as the kitten would be dead and rotting. I'm not hearing that, so the cat hasn't gone into labor yet.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well..... shes stilll in the same spot. she is getting up to eat and drink water.... and i supppose using the litter box since she hasnt soiled the carpet. this cat is usually very active during the day. although shes not an outside cat, she is usually running around outside by morning or jumping in peoples lap, she is unbelievably affectionate. can it take days before real labor (with contractions) begins? because i know that Lola would never be acting like this normally, in the same corner for days. and you did say that cats could stop thier labor correct? i will take her to the vet if SOMETHING doesnt happen in a couple days. when she was very young (maybe 6 months old at the most) she had ONE kitten. we never even knew she was pregnant, as she was still a kitten herself, and probably shouldnt have been pregnant at all. but that happened very suddenly & fast. now that shes an adult her labor is bound to be different. but how long can she prolong this stage/ behavior?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
oh also- she is walking weird and sitting with her legs apart & slightly bent over. like something is preventing her from closing them. and when i touch her tail/lower abdominal area it is very sensitive to her.

All I hear you describing is possibly a cat in advancing pregnancy. The restart their labor generally within 72 hours. If you continue having this much concern, you need to take her to your vet.

Again, once she begins hard contractions, a kitten needs to be delivered within two hours or there are problems.

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