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My cat was due for his feline rhino/calici/panleuk and feline

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My cat was due for his feline rhino/calici/panleuk and feline leukemia vaccine. I purchsed a vaccine from our local feed bin and gave it to him only to find out it did not contain the leukemia vaccine. What should I be shopping for on-line to assure that he is vaccinated for the leukemia? My other cat is now due for the same vaccines and I think I can order a single dose of fel-o-vax lv-k that will cover everything. Will that cover my other cat for all of the above?
Hi Bonnie Jean Kay,
I do not vaccinate 8 year old cats for feline leukemia. According to the experts I respect and listen to, when a cat is infected with this virus, it happened by the time the cat was a year old. Sometimes the virus will not make the cat sick for years, but even if a 6 year old cat gets sick and tests positive for this virus, he got that virus when he was young.

I was told by an expert in the field that healthy adult cats are naturally immune to getting infected with this virus. I vaccinate all kittens with this vaccine and booster them at a year of age, and then never vaccinate again.

I only give the Rhino/calici every three years to adult cats, up until they are 9 or 10, and then only continue giving the Rabies vaccine after that.

Hope this helps, Rebecca
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