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Doctor 4 Cats
Doctor 4 Cats, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  Board certified feline specialist. 22 years specializing in the medical needs of cats.
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when i walk by my cat he will attack me, try and grab my leg,and

Customer Question

when i walk by my cat he will attack me, try and grab my leg,and now he will also jump up and bite me when im laying down on my bed, is there a reason for that?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Doctor 4 Cats replied 7 years ago.

He's bored and you're entertaining.



Cats really are simple creatures. For eons they have survived by concerning themselves with three basic things:

  • 1. Procuring food and eating
  • 2. Not getting eaten by predators
  • 3. Reproducing the species


Almost all behavioral issues in cats have to do with one of these three things. The strongest, without any question, is number 2; otherwise the other two won't matter.


For this reason, if the cat perceives a threat, it will usually stop its other normal behaviors, even eating, until it again feels secure in it's environment.


Almost always behavioral changes have to do with a defensive reaction to a perceived threat, or, in the case of attacking and biting, possibly a misdirected attempt at stalking and hunting.


The key for you is to not allow him to get into "attack mode" and if he does, not be there for him to attack. If you think it might be cats or birds outside that he is watching, provoking his hunting and attacking behavior, you need to crate him or in some other way keep him away from the windows.


If you think this is a misdirected play behavior that involves stalking and hunting you, you are correct, most owners can predict when it's coming. You must alter that pattern. Cats are pretty routine so they usually incite this at the same time and place. Avoid the cat during these times.


Another alternative is to provide him a play mate....another young male cat to do this with. By far that's often the easiest thing to do.


To entertain him try enriching his environment. Some suggestions:



Move the cat's food bowl to a different location in the house every 1-2 days

so the cat must search for it. (This is best done with young healthy cats.)


Obtain ornamental "cat shelves" that can be mounted on walls in decorative

patterns that allow the cat to use multiple levels in the house and move

through the house via different pathways. (See "The Cats' House by Bob

Walker.) Alternatively have a variety of sizes of cat trees in the home.


Make single cat sized perches on windowsills (these can be purchased

commercially), in bookcases, on appliances, etc. Rotate the location of these

perches periodically. (Note that many cats enjoy resting in the sun and will

move to find such spots throughout the day.)


Give the cat a stuffed toy to attack and "beat up." Placing catnip on the toy

may increase the cat's interest.


Set up bird feeders, squirrel feeders or cat videos for the cat to watch.

Give the cat access to paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Cats frequently like large mobile-like toys that move and jerk when they swat

at them.


Offer clean natural wood branches for the cat to chew.

Certain bird toys may be acceptable for cats and more appealing than dog or

cat toys. Many small dog toys can also be used for cats. Cats will sometimes

chew on small rawhide strips and other dog bones.


Train the cat to wear a harness and leash so it can be walked outside or place

cat fencing around all or part of the yard. (



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