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my cat has been moping around, meowing loud before vomiting.

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my cat has been moping around, meowing loud before vomiting. Looks like she's lost a little weight. She wants to be left alone and doesnt interact with the other cats anymore. I've recently changed their food. Could that be it?
Hello there,

How old is the cat?

How often is she vomiting?

What is she vomiting?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she is 6
She's vomited twice since yesterday
yesterday she vomited up greenish liquid and just a bit ago she vomited up a little bit of food.
Cats are more tolerant of diet changes than dogs, but if the vomiting started right after the food was switched it is a possible cause. Vomiting and lethargy can be caused by many things in cats. Kidney problems, liver problems, thyroid disorders, diabetes, hairball obstruction, stomach ulcers and cancer are all possible causes as well. If you are not seeing hair in the vomit, hairballs are less likely but still possible. If there is more liquid than food coming up, the diet change may not be the problem. Most cats will vomit the food with 10-15 minutes after eating if there is a food allergy. If you switch the food back and the vomiting continues, the cat should be examined to find the specific cause and treatment plan.
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